Thursday, October 21, 2010

Am I being ridiculous?

Well for those of you who don’t know. I was admitted on Monday like I predicted! I had a horrible night of no sleep Sunday night so first thing Monday morning I called my doctor.

Of course as my luck would have it, he was leaving the very next day to attend the CF Conference for a whole week! Ugh! Well I knew I couldn’t wait a whole week for him to return and I didn’t want to chance getting even sicker so I was admitted and will be seen by the Dr who is on-call. Which happens to be the Dr I have had issues with in the past and who isn’t my favorite person in the world to begin with. :(

So, I have been here 3 days and already I have some please let me know if I am being ridiculous....

Like I said I have been here 3 days and I have only seen the Dr once. The other two times I have been seen by a Physician Assistant STUDENTS. Now I have no problem letting a student come in and do there thing but I would still expect to be seen by the Dr.

Especially because today I was having a little bit of the SOB come back. My nurse told me that the Dr would be back in the afternoon so I could see him then and let him know how I was feeling.

Well around 7:30pm the nurse comes in and tells me that the Dr had ordered a chest x-ray for the morning and some PRN treatments if needed but that he wasn't coming in to see me. I mean WTF?? I felt like I wanted to cry.

I am here to get better but if he never actually comes in to see me what’s the point of being here? And its not like these are PA students who are like almost ready to graduate they still have like another 10 months to go out of a 2 year program!

I just don’t want to be here all week basically twiddling my thumbs waiting for my awesome, wonderful, caring super Dr to be back when I could be getting better instead!

Please tell I being ridiculous? and if I am not being ridiculous what should I do? I don’t want to say something and then have him be rude to me the rest of the week cause god forbid I make him actually come in and do his job! Grr...he makes me so mad!


Stacey said...

I don't think you're being rediculous AT ALL expecting to see an actual attending while admitted. I would come up with a couple of questions (even if they are silly) and let the nurses know that you have some questions for the doctor that you would like to ask him personally. If they send a resident, just say that you have these questions specifically for the doctor. That might be a non-threatening way to get to see him. THEN, I would absolutely tell your awesome doctor when he returns...

Christy said...

I completely agree with Stacey. Jen, you are NOT being ridiculous. You are paying to be seen by an attending, and you should be seeing one. Maybe call patient relations up to your room and let them know what's going on. Whenever I've done that in the past, issues have been resolved. Best of luck to you!! XO