Saturday, September 26, 2009

finally some peace and quiet!!

Well after 3 LONG weeks, my good friend Amanda, her fiance and there 2 kids left yesterday. Overall it was a fine visit but Zoe her 11 month old daughter is in the phase where she likes to hear her own voice and she does the most awful high pitched scream that makes you feel like your ears are going to bleed and she does it ALL day long! When they left yesterday I as like...AW SILENCE! After this 3 weeks I almost question my sanity and if I actually want a kid....almost. :)

Update on AzLi: I have finished my 2nd week of the abx and I am still not sure if I notice a difference yet. The only thing I think I notice is my cough is a little more productive. Not necessarily while I am doing the treatment (I actually sometimes feel a little bronco spasms after) but through out the day in general. I just keep hoping that when I go to the doctor in a couple weeks I have had some sort of improvement even if its just a little one!

Went to a candle party last night. I love partylite candles but they are SO expensive! I have this thing also with buying candles and then I hate to burn them (I know I am a weirdo) so even though I saw some really cute things last night I resisted the urge to buy candles and instead bought some stuff from there spa line. I got this instant manicure scrub and a soothing hand lotion because for whatever reason my hands have been a little on the dry side lately and I know my bff Eva just raves about the hand set so I will try them and see what I think.

Tonight is a girls night out....woo hoo! We are going to dinner at 5 and then at 6:30 we are going to play BINGO...LOL. I went a few months back when Danny's grandma was in town and actually had a pretty good time. Danny's mom actually won $500 bucks so I am hoping I get some good luck this time! **Keep your fingers crossed**

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sad Day

Well today one of my favorite actors passed away....Patrick Swayze. I think most women can count Dirty Dancing as one of there top chick flicks of all time. I could probably recite the whole movie by heart I have seen it so many times and who could forget the classic line of "Nobody puts baby in the corner..."

Its very sad and I know his wife will miss him but at least he isn't in pain anymore. I think I might have to watch Dirty Dancing this weekend...and then maybe ghost too! :)

On a more positive note Friday I went to the doctors and I am doing great! I was up 2 pounds from a couple weeks prior and he said I sound great. I also got to pick up the Azli medication and I started it on Saturday. For those of you who don't know its a new inhaled antibiotic that is in its 3rd phase of clinical trials. Obviously I have only been on it a few days so I don't really notice a difference yet but I am very optimistic about it.

One of the best parts is I do the abx in a new eflow machine. It takes less than 3 minutes to do and is COMPLETELY silent! Its awesome...I do the medication 3 times a day for 28 days then off a month and then on again. Its taking the place of my Colistin that I do every other month. I will keep you posted on how I think I am doing with it.

Oh did anyone watch the VMA's last night on Mtv? I just have to say that Kanye West is a jerk, what he did to Taylor Swift was horrible and I felt so bad for her. If you didnt see it I am sure you can youtube it so you can see what I am talking about. I hope that he gets a HUGE backlash from his actions so he can finally realize he can't just do whatever he wants. He's done things like this before but never to this magnitude.

OK well Happy Monday and have a good week!

Friday, September 11, 2009


I love this song!! When I hear it it makes me want to burst with pride for our country. Especially on a day like today remembering 9/11 and all the brave men and women who helped that day and everyday since keeping our country safe.

Take a listen:

Have a great Friday everyone!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Full House

Well I have had an enjoyable week being off my abx so far. My sleep schedule is still a little off since I got used to staying up late. I haven't gone to bed till 1:30 almost every night.

My bf Amanda who moved here from Georgia a couple weeks ago needed a place to stay so her and her Fiance and 2 kids (6 year old boy and an 11mth old girl) are staying with us for the next two weeks, so our house is packed full of people! Its kinda nice having her here....we are getting to catch up on hanging out since we haven't seen each other in 3 years. Let's just hope I survive the kids!! :-)

I think this weekend we are going to have a pool day cause I am in serious need of some color! Oh BTW last weekend I saw the Ugly Truth and the Proposal both were really good chick flicks so if you are looking to see that type of movie I dont think you will be disappointed.

Any-who...that's all that has been going on with me. Have a great rest of the week!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Last Day!!


I am on my way out the door to the social security office....always a fun experience. But today is my last day of antibiotic so I am extremely happy!

Tonight some friends are coming over and we are getting chinese food and playing some games. We LOVE game nights at our house I am not to sure what we will play yet but it will probably be either Scene It Squabble (battle of the sexes~love this one!) or Pictionary.

Unfortunately when we play battle of the sexes the boys usually win but ONLY because they usually cheat! Hopefully the girls can defeat them tonight I am tired of hearing them gloat. :-)

Well have a great Friday and a great Labor Day weekend if I don't post anything before Monday!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Got my hair cut!!

Well I got my hair cut today!!

I didn't get to donate it because I would have needed 10 inches to do so and I chickened out with how short my hair would have had to be (plus Danny was REALLY not wanting me to go that short) so I went with just a little bit below my shoulders.

I am feeling much better and have an appointment with Dr. Faverio on Friday for a check-up and for my FINAL day of antibiotics!!! HOORAY! :)

Here are some pics of my hair...

Have a good evening everyone!! :-)