Tuesday, June 29, 2010

80's Party

Saturday night our good friend Jimmy had his 30th birthday party...which was 80's themed! Now I love me some 80's (pop) music but Danny really LOVES the 80's. LOL

Whenever there is an opportunity to dress up 80's style my husband is the first one in line to ride that train! If you knew Danny you would know that he loves 80's hair bands with his favorite band of all time being Motley Crue. I myself have become somewhat of an expert on all things hair metal not because I want to but because what choice do I have when I have been dragged to every Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Guns N' Roses and countless other bands concerts that come to our area? I do have to say though that over time I do find myself enjoying them too! :)

Anyway...I digress. So my husband who also suffers from a bad case of pack rat syndrome, doesn't throw ANYTHING away. So when it came time to dress up for the party and my little sister needed something to wear Danny pulled out his box of t-shirts and found his 4th grade Poison t-shirt and VOILA Jessie had a costume and believe me he had a lot to choose from! Now that's what I call vintage!! LOL

We had a blast but it was SO hot that night that my bangs that I worked so hard to stand up (I barely could remember how I used to do them) were flat by the end of the night. :(

Me & Danny

My cousin John...he is hilarious!

Me and Danny again

Danny and Jessie (his jeans are tight-rolled at the bottom too!)

Sunday, was our nieces birthday party. It was fun but Danny hurt his back. They had the party at this indoor bounce house place that kids AND the adults could go in. They have this obstacle course where two people can race and needless to say Danny and his brother were racing and he thinks he pulled something in his back. I asked him what he was thinking....he isn't 20 anymore and probably shouldn't be running around bounce house obstacle courses! LOL Oh well, I think he learned his lesson. I just hope he feels better soon he keeps walking around like he is an old man and only one of us around here can walk around like an old person!! :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Macbook Pro!!

Hey guys!! I got a new laptop yesterday and I was playing around with the movie thing this morning so I am just doing a test video to see if I can upload it correctly...

This is my first experience with a Mac computer so I know absolutely nothing! Luckily I bought the one on one session thing so I can go in the store for some lessons because I seriously need them! lol

Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy Weekend

Last weekend was pretty busy for us. Danny's brother Sean had his 30th surprise birthday party Friday night. It was a "Vegas" style party with poker and blackjack tables set up along with a DJ that played great music along with a karaoke machine for all those who dared to get up and sing! That alone was worth going for! LOL :)

Then Saturday night, Danny and I went out to dinner at my one of my favorite restaurants for Father's Day with my family. I was STUFFED by the time we left I could barely move! I do that to myself every time I go there I just can't help myself! I must have eaten 3 loaves of bread alone not to mention my seared tuna appetizer and my dinner, I had no left overs to take home! I am SUCH a little piggy!! Oh well...hehe.

Sunday was Danny's dads day to see us. We went over for brunch and ended up staying over there most of the day. We swam in the pool a little bit and then proceeded to play a game of Phase 10 that NEVER seemed to end! All in all it was a good day though.

Here are a few pics from Sean's party and dinner with my parents:

Mom & Dad

Me and Mom

Me and Danny

Likness Family 2010

Me and my friend Cat

Me and my love :)

Nothing really to report on my end. Still no call. More and more everyday I feel myself getting a little more discouraged with not getting my call. I mean I am doing EVERYTHING I am supposed to. I go to yoga, I try and take the best care of myself that I can, I try and live my life to the fullest everyday despite having to lug an O2 tank with me and I thought I was doing all this with a positive attitude knowing that my time is coming soon but after 2 WHOLE YEARS of waiting and seeing countless CFers be put on the list after me and receive there lungs before me its really hard to not get discouraged and feel like this is never going to happen.

Even though I am over the moon at how well my Cyster Piper is doing (which I had know doubt she would do so well she is a fighter) I can't help but be a tiny little bit jealous because I so badly want to be over that hurdle and also be working on my way to getting my life back! I feel horrible even putting it in writing that I feel this way but its true.

I know that when my perfect set comes I will get the call and I know it WILL happen its just hard waiting. OK enough of the poor me section of this post! I am going to go eat dinner now and watch some boob tube with the hubby....thanks for listening to me pout for a minute! :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Graduation/Birthday Party

This past weekend my parents threw Jordan a combined Graduation/18th birthday party. My dad roasted a whole pig in the backyard (a very redneck but YUMMY thing to do) along with sweet corn on the cob on the grill and a ton of other fabulous food. It was all really good...believe me I had like 2 plates of food and 3 ears of corn!! I was stuffed!! LOL

They had a great turn out with lots of family and friends coming to celebrate Jordan's milestone. The kid made out like a bandit too....to bad my mom is making him save all his money for when he goes to school! I know I know its the responsible thing to do....try telling that to an 18 yr old who just got a load of cash and gift cards!! :)

Good Bye Bears, Hello Yellow Jackets...

blowing out his candles

Jordan and I

So excited to be getting a laptop

Me and my BFF since 6th grade! :)

and of course the old self portrait!

The rest of the week I haven't really done much. I was feeling kind of crappy yesterday and was hoping I wasn't getting a cold that has been going around. A few people I know haven't been feeling good. Even my dog Brodie was sick yesterday, he threw up twice and when he went #2 it was not his normal #2 (dont want to give tmi its kinda gross!) But he seems to be doing better so far today. If he still wasn't acting right today I was gonna call the vet.

Pool day tomorrow with my fab sister-in-law and some old girlfriends (love that I am finally getting some color!!) and then yoga on Friday!!

I also wanted to mention my Cyster Piper who after many dry runs and one "damp" run as she likes to call it FINALLY got her lungs and she is doing great just like I knew she would! She is a real champ and I can't wait till she is fully able to enjoy her lungs and let us all know how great it can be post-tx. Now if I could just get my stupid phone to ring we would be in business!! :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jordan Graduates!!

Last week my little brother Jordan graduated from high school! Its hard to believe he is that old now...it seems like just yesterday I was 10 yrs old and welcoming into the world my 2nd little brother. Man I feel old...LOL

We are extremely proud of Jordan and we are all a little sad to see him go off to college in August. We are a VERY close family and he is the first one to go to school in a completely different state. But he wanted to play football in college and had to go where the scholarships were being offered....so off to Ohio he goes. Oh yeah and did I mention we have lived in FL our whole lives and Jordan has never seen snow? This winter should be interesting for him!! LOL

Our whole family minus my brother Josh (he was walking around)

Me, Jordan & Jessie

The Graduate!! :)

I have already cried when he made the final decision to go to school in Ohio so I am sure once August roles around there will be more tears. But I plan on investing in a web cam so we can skype! I know I am such a nerd...you would think it was my own kid going to college!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3 Wonderful Years!!

Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary to my wonderful husband!! I can't imagine what my life would be like without him.

It just doesn't seem fair that there is only one day a year to recognize the other 364 days of you putting up with me!! Thank you for being the best husband and best friend a girl could ask for. I Love You!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Any advice would be nice!!

So as you all know from my previous post my LAS (Lung Allocation Score) was raised two weeks ago when I went to my tx check-up. With that being said it now has all of us on a little bit more higher alert than say the last 1 1/2 years of nothing happening!

Danny and I keep saying ok we need to get a bag packed so when we get the call we can just go. But I seriously have know idea what to pack! I am at a complete loss on what things I will need and what things I wont need till later on.

So I am asking all online friends out there who are post-transplant to please help. What items did you bring in your bag? What items did you not bring that you wish you had? What things will be most helpful for my time in the hospital and then when I go to the apt?

Anything else useful that I am forgetting please feel free to throw in there! Every little bit helps...I was up all night last night because every time I fell asleep I would dream that I got my call so its making me feel like I am not prepared (mentally yes, packing wise no!) at all.