Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last day of abx!

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend!

I had a wonderful visit at my uncles house despite not feeling good because I didn't have a working nebulizer cup. Note to self: open new neb cup and check that it works before going 8 hours away from your house!

I thought for sure since I had a crappy weekend health wise plus the fact that my doctor had to call me in a prescription of prednisone while I was up there that he would have wanted me to do an extra week of IV abx, but luckily he said that today could be my last day like we had planned.

Thankfully I am done today...I am SO white and pale I need sun! I am going to set my beach chair up on our deck and start sitting outside a little bit each day. Even if its just an hour while I read its better than what I am doing now.

Danny's friend Curt has his sister here visiting from Minnesota and when she walks in and is WAY tanner than me who lives in Florida there is a problem! :)

I have some pictures that I want to put up later...right now Danny and I have to go to Target to get a birthday present for our niece and then we have to go food shopping! I was gone for 2 weeks in the hospital and then away for a long weekend so we have NOTHING in our house. When I am gone no cooking happens so I have to stock up again so I have stuff to cook for dinner.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

At my Uncles!

Well, we made it here....8 LONG hours in the car but we made it!

I am having a little bit of an issue though. Yesterday when we got here we unloaded all of my crap and set me up to do a breathing treatment and my vest and my neb cup wasn't working right. Its a brand new cup that I opened when I got here but the problem is it is barely smoking so I feel like I am not getting the full amount of medication and it takes an EXTREMELY long time to finish. I don't know what the problem is but because I haven't had a good treatment since I got here. I feel very congested and that's not a good thing. My mom and Uncle Eric just went to a local medical supply store to see about getting me a new med cup...hopefully that helps if not I am going to call my doctor.

Another thing that is kind of annoying is the time difference. We are on eastern time at home and they are on central time here. They are an hour behind us which is making my IV schedule real interesting.

We are going around and sightseeing today....its rainy out so we aren't going on the boat like we had planned. Tonight we are doing a crab and shrimp boil...YUM!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Almost there...

Only 3 days left and then I am outta here!

I am discharged Wednesday, then Thursday I have to get my hair cut, get my eye brows waxed and possibly get my toes done (depends on how much time I have) and pack because early Friday morning me, my mom and my sister are leaving my house to go and visit my Aunt and Uncle in Panama City Beach! WOO HOO!!

I will still be on abx for a week when I leave the hospital but its not that big of a deal. One med is due once a day and the other med is every 8 hours so its a piece of cake.

I can't wait to get home and be able to drink my iced tea again! I have been drinking Sierra Mist Free for a week and half. When I was first admitted I asked for unsweetened tea because I did not want to go back to soda since I have done so good at home at not drinking it anymore, well I can not describe to you just how bad there tea disgusting! I really tried for a few days to drink it but I just couldn't so instead of going right back to Coke I chose the lesser of the two and went with SM Free. Its not that great, I have never been a fan of diet sodas but its ok for a temporary thing. I just drink it with my meals and drink water the rest of the time.

There is this big block party thing that is gonna be in our town memorial day weekend (the weekend I am going out of town) its like 3 days long and there's gonna be tons of bands and things to do. Well Danny just told me the other day that he heard Vanilla Ice was gonna be funny is that? Ice Ice Baby....

Well, I guess I will let you all know if anything happens from now until I go home. Until then enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a good week!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a long week!

I am SO glad last week is over!

Not only did I have 2 days of fevers...but I also spent 2 days over a trash can throwing up anything I ate or drank! It was NOT fun.

On Wednesday I felt better as far as no fevers went but then I started having my joint pain. So by Thursday my doctor had given me Tylenol w/codeine because nothing else was helping the pain. My pain started to go away but then the codeine messed up my stomach and that's what was making me get sick. I started throwing up Thursday at midnight (Friday morning) and was up all night getting/feeling sick. So ALL day Friday I was NPO and getting continuous IV fluids (so I wouldn't dehydrate) and Zofran every 8 hours for the nausea. I was able to eat a little bit by Sunday but it wasn't till yesterday my appettite got back to normal. Luckily not eating for 2 days didn't affect my weight at all which is surprising.

So now that the week from hell is over hopefully I can kick my health into high gear so that I can be discharged by next week.....I have a trip to go on! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

No fever this morning!!

I woke up without a fever this morning...WOO HOO!! I already saw my doctor today and he said my lungs are moving a lot more air which is great.

Unfortunately, the one antibiotic I am on Fortaz makes me itch like crazy so that is the only thing not going my way.

Otherwise I am doing only on the third day of abx and I already feel better so hopefully I can keep this up!

The benadryl I am taking for the itchiness is making me a little sleepy so I think I am gonna lay down for a few minutes! I will let you know if anything changes. :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Yesterday when I was admitted everyone I know here (and my doctor too) were amazed by how well I looked and that it was a good thing I came in when I just started feeling sick so hopefully I don't have to stay here as long as usual.

Well around 4am I woke up and I was freezing! I kept trying to warm myself up but it wasn't happening. That's when the RT came in to do my breathing treatment and I told her to get my nurse because I thought I had a fever...which of course I did. So I took Motrin and then went back to sleep. When I woke up again at 8 I had another fever and its been pretty much the same all day, once the motrin wares off the fever comes right back. I have been miserable all day! :(

Hopefully this doesn't last all night! I am super tired and want a good night sleep...if that's even possible.

Monday, May 4, 2009


So yesterday we ended up not going to see the Wolverine movie because I didn't feel good. I was feeling really congested and a little short of breath. I did an extra treatment and Danny did manual cpt and I still didn't feel any better so I decided I would call my dr first thing in the morning to tell him im not feeling well. I don't want to wait until I can't breath at all to check myself in like I did last time when I was REALLY sick, if I catch it early I might not have to stay in as long and then I can still make the trip to see my aunt and uncle for memorial day weekend!

Sunday evening we had Danny's brother and his wife and our friends Curt and Karen come over and we played Scene It: Squabble. Its a battle of the sexes type game and its HILARIOUS to play! The boys won but we are convinced the game likes them better they always get the easy questions!! By the end of the night I was feeling a lot better and this morning I feel ok but I still can feel the congestion a little bit so I am going to be admitted....I am just waiting for them to call me and say there is a bed available.

I will let you all know how I am doing once I see my doctor.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Slow on Blogging

I know I have been really bad about blogging but believe me when I say NOTHING has been going on!

I had a pretty normal week the only difference being on Thursday I had an appointment at the social security office. I don't know about the offices in your towns but here you might as well pack a lunch because you will be there all day!

The weekend so far has been pretty good. Friday night Danny and I watched Bride Wars, I saw it in the theaters on my birthday but I cried AGAIN just like the first time! Its a really good movie and I suggest you see it if you haven't already. :)

This past week I have got back in touch with a friend who I haven't talked to or seen in 2 years so on Saturday she drove up to my house (I live about 45 minutes from where I used to live with my parents) and we hung out all day. It was so nice to see her and I found one other person who hasn't seen my wedding video yet!! I will will show that thing to anyone who stands still long enough! :)

We also went to Ruby Tuesday's last night. I usually like that restaurant (especially the salad bar) but last night my dinner was NOT very good. I think we might put it on the back burner for awhile Danny hasn't been to impressed the last few time we have gone there so I think we need a break from it. When we got home we watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop. It was a funny movie but from seeing the previews on tv I thought it was going to be funnier than it actually was.

Today our plan is to go see the new Wolverine movie im just not sure at what time my cousin John is supposed to be calling to let us know. I will let you all know how it is. I liked all the X-Men movies so I think I will like this too.

Oh yeah....Danny's back is feeling WAY better. It took a good 4 or 5 days for him to be able to move around without being like an 80 year old. He was able to go back to work on Tuesday (he hurt his back on Friday.)

I hope everyone has a great week!