Monday, July 11, 2011

Bronch Results

Hi all!

Last week (Tuesday to be exact) I had a bronch done up in Gainesville. I had a regular check-up scheduled for that Wednesday but had been coughing a little bit so I called and had a bronch scheduled just to be on the safe side. On a side note Danny had been sick for like 3 days with coughing/runny nose so I was just hoping I didn't get anything from him. We took precautions and had him sleep downstairs and all but still you never know...

Well I just got the call from my coordinator and I have Acute Rejection! So they are admitting me on Monday and they said plan on being there for 5 days for treatment! :(

I am not looking forward to being admitted...but hopefully whatever my wonderful doctor does will nip this rejection in the bud and I can go back home feeling great!

I will update while I am there also to let you all know how I am to you soon!


p.s. any good movies or whole seasons of shows u suggest that I could bring with me??