Monday, July 28, 2008

Just another Monday....

Hello All!! I hope everyone had a great weekend....mine was pretty good.

Friday night we all decided to stay in. We ordered Chinese food and rented a movie, Definitely Maybe. It has Ryan Reynolds in it and that little girl Abigail Breslin. It was a cute movie and even Danny liked it so it wasn't a TOTAL chick flick!

Saturday, Danny woke up feeling a little under the weather (for him this a big deal he hardly ever gets sick...maybe once a year) so we just took it easy and lounged around. Saturday night me, Danny, Curt, Karen and Tony all met my family out for dinner for my little sister's birthday. After that we went to Chilli's were a couple of our friends met us all there (everyone but my family) to have a few drinks. Once we were done there we all decided to go back to our house to play battle of the was so much fun but half way through the game 3 other couples that we are friends with came over so then it really got hilarious!!

Sunday....we got up and all went to the Humane Society. Curt and Karen are HUGE animal lovers and like to just go see the animals. I was hoping to maybe find a dog for me but all the dogs there were big and loud and I am looking for something small and compact so I can carry and that doesn't shed! :)

Today, I didn't do anything. My laptop for work isn't working so I really couldn't work. BUT I did watch more episodes of SEX and the City (I am just now watching all the seasons on DVD I have never watched it before) I am on season five and I can't turn it off!! I have to admit I was really upset when Carrie broke up with Aiden. I knew they would break up eventually because I know she marries BIG in the movie (even though I haven't seen that either) but it was still disappointing he was sweet and very good looking! Oh more season to go and then I can watch the movie!

Oh yeah...on a side note. All weekend I felt great, but today I was congested all day and just felt crappy and this evening when I was cooking dinner I felt like I could have had a low grade temp but then it went away. I just hope I am not catching what Danny had/still has a little. I haven't been letting him kiss me cause I didn't want to get sick but maybe that wasn't enough!! I will let you know how I feel tomorrow or the next day depending on if there is anything else to report.

Good Night!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hi Everyone!!

I know I haven't written in a few days but when I am not sick it seems I don't have much to report...which is a good thing!! :)

Some friends of ours have the same birthday (Sunday) so Saturday night we all went out to celebrate. It is a dance club here in Cape Coral another friend of ours works there so we all got VIP. It also has a sushi bar there which is good because not only do I love sushi (and I eat it as much as I can now since post tx I can't have it at all!!) but because they serve sushi there you can't smoke inside....which is perfect for me!! I have to admit I did have a very good time, its the first time in a long time we stayed all the way until the club closed because I felt good enough to!

Yummy Cosmo's!!!

Me & Danny!!!

Today, I went into work for a little bit. It was nice to get out of my house for awhile and see everyone. I got my anniversary presents...5 years!! I got a little charm necklace with the company name on it and a all I need is an office to hang it up in!! I did feel pretty tired when I got home so I fell asleep for like 1/2 an hour.

Anyway....I am just catching up on my daytime tv I missed today while I was gone so I am gonna go....TTYL

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Trip

I don't really have any news to report from the last couple of days. It has been raining all day everyday so I haven't really wanted to do anything but sit in my pj's!!

Oh Yeah...I did do one thing yesterday...I went down to the Social Security office and finally filled out the application to change my last name on my SS card! It only took me a year but I finally did it!!

I thought I would show you a couple pictures from our trip this weekend...I hope you like them!

Danny and I on the bus to Universal..

My mom & dad

Me, my 2 brothers & my little sister

me, Danny & Shrek!!

me & Danny

Monday, July 14, 2008

I am home!!

I got home last night and we had a great time!

Danny and I got up SUPER early Saturday morning. I did my vest and breathing treatments while Danny packed up the car since we were staying the night in Orlando. Once I was done I got dressed and then we were in the car and driving by 6:15...not bad!!

We got to the hotel by 9:00 and of course my family was late so we sat around and waited for them to show up. Once they got there we ate breakfast and were on the bus to Islands of Adventure by 11:00. My mom thought it would be a good idea to get a wheel chair so that I could save my energy....I protested but in the end decided to get one (I have NEVER had to do that before and I was kind of upset about it) and I must say it was a good idea. With the help of the wheelchair I was able to go all day without using my 02 while at the park and I don't think I would have been able to do that if I walked the whole time. We had dinner at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company in City Walk and then headed back to the hotel at around 10:00pm so I had a VERY long day and was really tired.

Sunday we got up early and went and spent the day at Universal Studios. It was good but I have always liked Islands of Adventure better. We stayed till 7:00 but then it was time to head home (my parents are staying all week we just went for the 2 days.)

All in all it was a good was nice to get out of town but hopefully the next time I go to a theme park it will be with new lungs and I can once again WALK around without getting tired!!!

On a side note...I was thrilled to get home so I could check on Sara and of course she is doing great. She is amazing everyone by being up and walking the entire floor without 02 in such a short time! Way to go!! Make sure to check out her blog for up to date info on her and to drop a line of encouragement.....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am done with my ABX!!!

Well, today was my last day on abx. One of my nurse friends came over at 8:00pm after she got off of work to de-access my medi-port. It feels SO nice to have that dressing tape off my skin. It gets very irritated by the end.

I have also been checking Sara's blog pretty regularly today and she seems to be doing phenomenal besides the obvious pain of a MAJOR surgery. I am so very happy for her and her husband that she got the call and she is doing so well. Please remember to keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers as she continues to get stronger.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sara got her lungs!!

Sara is a girl I have met through blogging who also has CF. She had been waiting on the transplant list for over 2 years at UCLA and today she got her lungs!!

I would like everyone to keep her in your thoughts and maybe even leave her an encouraging comment on her blog. Her husband is updating it to let everyone know how she is doing!! I am SO excited for her and can't wait till I can talk to her about the whole thing!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend Update....

Well, I have nothing to really update about my health. I am done with prednisone and so far (keep fingers crossed) I am still feeling good. I am still doing 2 abx every 8 hours which will be done Wednesday...thank goodness! I will be glad to be on a normal sleep schedule.

We had a pretty busy weekend. Friday (4th of July) we went over to a friends house for a BBQ and fire works. Saturday after my abx were done in the morning I went downstairs and made a dessert to take to another BBQ that we were going to with my parents and then today (Sunday) we went over to my mother-in-laws for a BBQ! I like visiting with people...but sometimes I just want to stay home!! :).

Oh yeah....tonight some friends came over and we watched a movie.....No Country for Old Men. Weird movie. I have know idea how it won 4 Oscars. Has anyone else seen it?? I would be interested to know what you thought. doing my abx right now and so I am gonna turn the good old tivo on and watch General Hospital thats recorded!! (I know don't laugh)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

I know I haven't written in a day or so I just have been feeling so good that I had A LOT going on!!

Wednesday, I woke up at my normal time to hook up my abx. I started my vest right away (usually I hook my self up..turn the alarm on to go off in a 1/2 hour switch abx...hit the alarm get the picture) got dressed and ready and was on my way to a little retail therapy with Karen (Danny's friends new wife who are staying with us) at about 10:30. We went to this HUGE outdoor mall called Coconut Point. It has every store you can imagine...its great!

We went to about 2 or 3 shops got a few things for my house that now my husband has to hang up for me :) Had lunch at Panera Bread and then Karen got her nails done and I got my toes done! We got back to the house at around 4:30 and let me tell you we were both wiped out!! I think thats the most walking I have done in a long time. When we got home I rested for a little bit, started my abx and then made spaghetti for dinner. Then at around 7:30-8:00, 2 of my favorite nurses from the hospital came to the house to de-access and then re-access my medi-port since I need another week of abx. I love them for this because otherwise I would have had to go to the hospital waste a whole bunch of time and energy...yada..yada..yada. So when they got off work they made a special trip to help me!!

Today was a pretty boring day compared to yesterday. I worked for awhile this morning, it was really crappy out this afternoon it rained VERY hard outside! Danny came home from work early today...him and a couple of his friends went to Tampa tonight to see "Crue Fest." Let me just state that my husband is probably thee biggest Motley Crue fan on earth...he looked like a little kid getting ready this was kinda cute! They are staying with a friend in Tampa tonight and then heading home tomorrow morning. Thank goodness I have a house full of people or I would be having a cow right now!! :) We did watch a couple of movies tonight, Fools gold and Bucket List. Fools gold was to lose a guy in 10 days with the same actors...Matthew Mcconaughey and Kate Hudson...was better, and Bucket List was a tear-jerker in the end!

Tomorrow, we are going to some friends of ours for a bbq and then Saturday we are going to a party with my parents. Should be a good weekend. I hope everyone has a great and safe July 4th!! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Doctor News....

Well I called Dr. Faverio's office yesterday to find out if I was to discontinue my abx today OR if he wanted another week.......well he wants another week!!

The only thing I am bummed about is that if we go on the boat on Friday for the 4th of July I wont be able to wear my swim suit :(

Its ok though because I am feeling WAY better and hopefully another week will make me feel good enough to go to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure in a couple of weeks! So keep your fingers crossed that I will have enough energy to walk around a park!!

I am going out for a little bit today so tonight I will let you all know how I am feeling!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So there is good news and just ok news...which first??

OK the good news. Yesterday I had a totally wonderful day. I did a little bit of work in the morning then I had to go downstairs because I promised Danny I would make him his favorite pie so that he would have it for after dinner.

THEN, when I was done making the pie I was still feeling good so I even cleaned the whole talking move things around to clean the counters, wash and dry the dishes everything. I haven't felt that good in a while so I was happy to do it! I even peeled potatoes and put them in water so they were already done for when I started dinner. Man am I efficient! :)

The just ok news is that this morning I am SO tired. This staying up until 1:45 to do my iv abx and then having to get up at 8 to start them all over again is really wearing me out!! I still don't know if i am going to be done on Wednesday or if I am gonna do another week...I will keep you updated! All I know is that when I am done with my vest I think I am going back to sleep for a little bit! Have a good morning!!