Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's been awhile

Hello to all my blog friends! It feels like I haven't written anything on here in forever and its only been a week.

Last Thursday, I went to my mom's Rotary Club meeting with her. They did the first ever Jen's Kids presentation on there own club as practice before going around to all the other clubs in the area to try and get donations for the foundation. My mom's club voted that same day and decided that they wanted to contribute $30,000 to Jen's Kids!! I am so excited to get started!

The weekend was pretty good. Friday night Danny's brother and his wife and kids were here and we ordered pizza for dinner and then spent the rest of the night playing Wii. It was SO funny...I never played before I always just watched but I played this time and had a blast! Danny's brother who is 28 (29 on Saturday) did the Wii fitness thing where it estimates how old you are by how well you can do tennis, baseball and bowling....well he was a 63!! LOL we thought that was funny.

Saturday, Danny worked so I read Breaking Dawn most of the day and then Saturday night Me, Danny , our friends Curt and Karen, and Danny's brother Sean and his wife Tiffany went to Sakura for dinner. That is our favorite Japaneese restaurant in our town. Everybody there knows us because we go there so often. We LOVE it there! After dinner, we all went to the movies and saw The Hangover. It was hilarious...if you want a good laugh the entire time kind of movie go see it. Its from the director of Old School so we knew it was going to be funny!

Sunday Danny worked again (story of my life) so I finished up Breaking Dawn. I am happy I finished all the books but I am sad the story is over :( I could read about Bella and Edward Forever! <3

Yesterday I babysat my nieces. It was supposed to only be for a couple of hours but ended up being 4! Trying to keep a 4 and 2 year old entertained is not easy. Luckily they brought lots of toys and movies with them. Unfortuantly whenever the girls are over I have to put Brodie in his cage...he isn't used to little people and I don't trust him around them!

Well, I caught you all up....its not to exciting but hey we have fun! Have a great rest of the week ya'll! :)