Monday, June 1, 2009

Great weekend

This past weekend was great! Not only did I have stuff to do everyday...I felt great doing it too!

Friday night our good friends Curt and Karen had there house warming party. I made my delicious swedish meatball recipe that I got from my best friend Eva years ago. Its so easy and everyone LOVES them! We ended up not getting home until 3am...the part that sucks about getting home so late is Danny passes right out and I am stuck up doing my breathing treatments and vest before I go to bed! But I do it! :)

Saturday I actually slept in till 11:00 which I never do but I was tired from the night before. Once I got up I did my morning routine and right as I finished my mom and sister pulled in the drive-way. They were bringing home Brodie (my mom had him at her house while I was in the hospital and while we were away on our trip) and then we went shopping! I got a fantastic mirror at Home Goods for my dining room and some new plants for by my front door since Danny let my old ones die while I was away!

Danny worked all day on Saturday (when I say all day I mean he didn't get home till 11:00pm) so after I was done shopping and potting my plants with my mom, I walked next door to my In-Laws house (yes that's right I live next to my mother and father-in-law) cause my nieces were next door swimming so I went and visited with them for a few hours before coming home and reading a few chapters of New Moon. I ended up having Chili's for dinner with my SIL & BIL since Danny still wasn't home...note to self NEVER sit between a 2 yr old and 4 yr old again if you plan on actually eating your dinner! Every minute it was Aunt Jen, open my crackers. Aunt Jen, what's this. Aunt Jen, Aunt Jen, Aunt Jen!! I think I am going to change my name! :)

Sunday, was our nieces birthday party so we went to that for a few hours and then had some errands to run. I had to return a couple things to TJ Maxx and then we went to Target to get some cleaning suppiles which for whatever reason Danny will only get a Target. After we dropped the stuff off at home, we grabbed Brodie and went over to Curt and Karens for dinner. They have a cat and its so funny to see her and brodie interact. He is SUCH a wuss!

Tonight, Danny is bowling....he just started on a league for the summer so I am probably going up there to cheer him on!

Have a great Monday!! :)


Jackie said...

3 am?!?! You party animal! Glad to hear you are feeling good and keeping busy! :)