Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Less than a week and counting...

I get to go home on Tuesday and the best part is its with no IV's...I will be completely done with abx!! YAY!!

I am SO sick of sitting in this room, I am ready to be outside among the world again. The little sun I managed to get pre-admission is all gone and I am white again. I guess I will just have to hall my butt to the beach...rough life I know! :)

Also, I have seriously been considering for awhile now that I want to cut my hair off. I don't know if you guys can tell or not in some of my pictures but its all the way down my back almost to my waist. Don't get me wrong I love my hair it just takes SO much energy maintaining it. Between washing & conditioning, blow drying and straightening by the time I am done I need a break before going out! I just think if it was like shoulder length it would be a lot easier for me I just haven't been brave enough to actually make the appointment and do it. I am to much of a chicken and I am worried I will be disappointed. The one good thing is my hair grows SO fast that if I do hate it it wouldn't be long before it would grow out again.

Anyway, I will just be sitting here waiting to go home trying not to go crazy. If anything fun or exciting or ridiculous happens to me until then I will be sure to let you all know but I don't foresee there being any problems. Although my DR is going out of town today to help his daughter who is in college move from and apt to a house so the "on call" guy will be seeing me and that is always interesting.

Well its almost dinner time so I have to check my blood sugars, get enzymes etc. my last day of prednisone is Friday thank goodness so my blood sugars can get back in the normal range again!

Have a great night! :)


OceanDesert said...

Yay for going home soon!!!

If you decide to cut your hair.. definitely donate those gorgeous locks if you can!!! :)

Jackie said...

YES!!! Cut your hair!! I think it would look cute!

Hope said...

I think your hair would look great anyway you have it :)
This is the first time I have seen your blog...I love it that I can keep up with you, being that I am so far away and have been for abt 6yrs now...I can not believe it has been taht long...fell better
Miss ya

Somer Love said...

Yay can't wait for you to be abx free!!

CUT IT!!!! I am cutting mine I just need to grow a couple more inches and then I am donating it to locks of love. We can do it together!