Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Full House

Well I have had an enjoyable week being off my abx so far. My sleep schedule is still a little off since I got used to staying up late. I haven't gone to bed till 1:30 almost every night.

My bf Amanda who moved here from Georgia a couple weeks ago needed a place to stay so her and her Fiance and 2 kids (6 year old boy and an 11mth old girl) are staying with us for the next two weeks, so our house is packed full of people! Its kinda nice having her here....we are getting to catch up on hanging out since we haven't seen each other in 3 years. Let's just hope I survive the kids!! :-)

I think this weekend we are going to have a pool day cause I am in serious need of some color! Oh BTW last weekend I saw the Ugly Truth and the Proposal both were really good chick flicks so if you are looking to see that type of movie I dont think you will be disappointed.

Any-who...that's all that has been going on with me. Have a great rest of the week!


OceanDesert said...

HOW fun, Jen! I love when my BFF stays with me or vice versa!!!

My mom and I are going to our little town's theater to see The Ugly Truth tonight :) Glad to hear it's good.