Saturday, September 26, 2009

finally some peace and quiet!!

Well after 3 LONG weeks, my good friend Amanda, her fiance and there 2 kids left yesterday. Overall it was a fine visit but Zoe her 11 month old daughter is in the phase where she likes to hear her own voice and she does the most awful high pitched scream that makes you feel like your ears are going to bleed and she does it ALL day long! When they left yesterday I as like...AW SILENCE! After this 3 weeks I almost question my sanity and if I actually want a kid....almost. :)

Update on AzLi: I have finished my 2nd week of the abx and I am still not sure if I notice a difference yet. The only thing I think I notice is my cough is a little more productive. Not necessarily while I am doing the treatment (I actually sometimes feel a little bronco spasms after) but through out the day in general. I just keep hoping that when I go to the doctor in a couple weeks I have had some sort of improvement even if its just a little one!

Went to a candle party last night. I love partylite candles but they are SO expensive! I have this thing also with buying candles and then I hate to burn them (I know I am a weirdo) so even though I saw some really cute things last night I resisted the urge to buy candles and instead bought some stuff from there spa line. I got this instant manicure scrub and a soothing hand lotion because for whatever reason my hands have been a little on the dry side lately and I know my bff Eva just raves about the hand set so I will try them and see what I think.

Tonight is a girls night out....woo hoo! We are going to dinner at 5 and then at 6:30 we are going to play BINGO...LOL. I went a few months back when Danny's grandma was in town and actually had a pretty good time. Danny's mom actually won $500 bucks so I am hoping I get some good luck this time! **Keep your fingers crossed**

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend!!