Monday, November 9, 2009

Thursday's the day!

Saw my doc this morning and I am pretty much all set to go home on Thursday!

He did end up putting me on prednisone but I will probably be done by the time I leave. He also has me doing 3% hypertonic saline twice a day which I hate.

I used to do that treatment all the time even at home but it used to irritate my lungs so much and make me wheeze that he ended up just d/c it because it wasn't doing me any good. I just started it yesterday and it seemed ok so we will see...

Danny brought Brodie into see me on Saturday! He had him in a little was so cute his little face was sticking out the zipper trying to see out! LOL All the nurses loved him and thought he was being a very good boy just laying with me in bed. He misses his mom! :o)


OceanDesert said...

Awesome! You will definitely be able to enjoy Tday at home!!!

...I wish Bey could have visited me in the joint! What a spirit lifter!