Friday, November 20, 2009

Weekend Plans

So glad its Friday!! Yesterday was my last day of home IV's and today I went to my doctors office to pick up my 28days of AzLi.

I am feeling good so I have know doubt I will make it through the New Year without needing abx again. My weight is still really good, the last time I got weighed I was 115 pounds which for me is AWESOME. I can remember is high school it seemed like such a chore just to keep my weight above 100 pounds! In the last couple of months I have gone from being a size 0 jean (which I have been since high school) to a 1, then 2 and now today I just bought a size 3!!

I don't know how to explain all of a sudden being able to gain weight AND keep it on but its kind of nice. I just wish it would spread out to my legs and matter how much I weigh I have super skinny arms and legs and I hate that.

To switch topics a bit...I know I have talked a little about wanting to start yoga and that there was a class at the gym I wanted try, but I kept hesitating since I know NOTHING about yoga at all. I don't want to go in there and be completely lost and look like an idiot. So I have been doing tons of research online reading reviews from people who have purchased DVDs and I finally decided on an at home beginners yoga to buy. Its called Yoga Zone: Premiere Collection for beginners and its specifically for someone like me with no prior knowledge of yoga. I figure I can work on these for awhile until I feel somewhat comfortable and then when I need more of a challenge I can sign up for the classes! Wish me luck!! :)

I went to the grocery store the other day and I bought all my ingredients for Thanksgiving. I am making 3 pies (apple, pumpkin, and english toffee pecan!) and green bean casserole (my fav.) In the words of Rachael Ray...YUMMO! I can't wait, oh and the day before TG my mom, little sister and my SIL Stephanie are going to see NEW MOON...I have been so excited for this movies release I can hardly contain myself its going to be so good! All four of us are MAJOR Twilight fans.

Other than that I did a little more Christmas shopping today. Can you believe I am almost done already? I only need a few more items and I can officially say I don't ever have to step inside a mall/store in the whole month of December and I am very happy to be able to say that! I hate stores during the holidays way to many people.

Well I hope everyone enjoys there weekend. We have our nieces birthday party tomorrow but other than that we have no plans. We just started the first season of Dexter tonight. Very interesting show...anyone watch it?