Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TWD: Baking With Julia - Rugelach

So I am back with another Tuesdays With Dori recipe. This week it is Rugelach, before having to make this recipe I didn't even know what Rugelach was! For those of you who are like me and never even heard of Rugelach let me help you out...it is a Jewish cookie/pastry made with a cream cheese dough and filled with dried fruits and nuts. They are usually made in a crescent roll shape but for this recipe we rolled it jelly roll style and cut them into pin wheels.

The recipe for these cookies to me was a little difficult and takes A LOT of time. Expect to spend 2-3 days with this recipe if you want to make them. For me, the hardest part was rolling out the dough. For some reason I can not get a hang of it and im not quite sure what I am doing wrong! Whenever I have to roll out dough by the time I am done me and the kitchen is covered in flour and I am left with dough that looks very sad! LOL Oh well hopefully by the end of this challenge that will be something I can improve on and not be such a disaster in the kitchen with!! Oh yeah one more thing...I think when I cut the cookies into pin wheels I cut them to big (they were suppose to be cut 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick) because when they were cooking some of them tipped over. So IF I ever make this recipe again I will stick more to 1 inch. :)

I filled my Rugelach with Apricot lekvar (homemade btw!) dried cherries, raisins and assorted nuts. If you want the actually recipe for these cookies head on over to either one of this weeks host and check it out. First is Jessica at My Baking Heart and then we have Margaret over at The Urban Hiker.

The end result for me was a pile of cookies that to me didn't look very good but luckily everyone who tried them thought they were great so I suppose that is a good thing, right??


Karen @ SoupAddict said...

Going through everyone's posts, the "not pretty" (like mine) far out-numbered the "pretty." I think the problem was the sugar-cinnamon coating - makes them look really rustic. Which has its own appeal, I think. They were still very tasty. :)

Jen said...

They still look pretty appetizing to me :)

Cher Rockwell said...

These cookies are not naturally pretty, but tasty seems to prevail - which is what really counts :-)

Andrew Mullen said...

Hi Jen, I'm a media awareness volunteer for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for Utah and Idaho. I came across your story and found it inspiring. Any way I can tell your story in my own words and tell it to others? I'd setup a link that always goes to your site so readers to go directly to you when they want to read more and learn more about your story. Please email me back at cffutah@gmail.com and I'd be happy to provide you my cf blogs and what we're doing in Utah.

CFF volunteer