Thursday, May 29, 2008

First Post

So for anyone who knows me, knows that I am pretty private when it comes to my health and anything to do with my CF. I didn't want people to know I was different unless I told them and even then I tried to not make it that big a deal. So why do you ask am I starting this blog?

Back in February of this year I was in the hospital again (its become more frequent over the last year or so) and I was told by my doctor that it was probably time to move forward with getting a double lung transplant. I knew this day would come eventually but when its right around the corner its a little overwhelming and I am an emotional person on a normal day (ex: General Hospital can make me cry if its the right story line...I blame my mother she is emotional too) :)

So since I was in the hospital and had time on my hands I decided to google anything I could find on transplants so that I could be as informed as possible knowing exactly what I was facing. Thats when I stumbled upon my all time favorite blog Confessions of a CF Husband.

From this blog and reading the story of Nathan and his wife Tricia it gave me a little view (and believe me I know its only a glimpse) of what lies ahead for me and my husband and our families. It helped me tremendously in becoming more relaxed and positive about the road that is ahead of us. From his blog I have also found several other blogs with great success stories and I can't wait to be apart of them!

So to answer the above question, I am starting this blog mainly to keep all friends and family up to date with what is going on with me (im horrible at calling people back~~just ask my mother) health wise and to journal my journey to my new beginning with my new lungs and who knows maybe someone will stumble upon my blog one day and I can help someone out the same way Nathan, Tricia and the other bloggers helped me when they didn't even know it.

Thanks Again Everyone!!


Michelle said...

Yeah Im the first to comment. I have to say...Jen you brought tears to my eyes with this post.(Actually Im blowing my nose right now, u got the water works going!)Im so excited for you to finally be able to have what everyone including myself takes for granted everyday...breath! I admire so much about who you are. You have strength like I have never seen. I have never heard you complain once about your heath..which makes me feel like such an ass to gripe about mundane crap. I look foward to seeing pics. of you and Danny in Greece, with his ass past out on the ground, with you running laps past him! You and Danny are such incredible people...and I cant wait to see all the wonderful things to come. I will keep my fingers crossed and you in my prayers...make sure to write often, I really want to know how this whole process goes for you and Danny as well. Best of luck...but I know in my ain't gunna need it! LOVE YOU TO BITS BEAUTIFUL! **BIG HUGS**

Heather said...

Jennifer - I am so proud of you! I know that it's always been hard for you to be open about having CF. You have always wanted your friends to treat you the same as everyone else. But the fact is, you aren't the same as everyone else. You are the strongest person that I know. You have persevered through circumstances that most people couldn't comprehend. I know that together, we will make it through this. I love you. Mom

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!