Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Question of the day...

From my nurse today: "So have you had this your whole life??"

WTF!!! I was like Yeah....I was born with it.

Then she's like: "So why do you need to take enzymes?"

I said: "Well, CF affects the lungs AND the digestive system so I need the enzymes to help digest my food."

Nurse: "Oh well I knew the lungs part but I didn't know it affected your digestion."

I just looked at her in amazement....I mean what do you even say to that? I told my doctor and he couldn't believe it either. He says I might get to move back down stairs by Thursday. I think its pretty sad when I can't get qualified help unless I am in pediatrics!!


Alicia said...

No way!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so insulted!!!

feafer said...

Well, we will be glad to have you back. I guess it is the same thing as if I were on an adult floor and had a patient with Kidney failure or something. I wouldn't know the first thing what to do with them. I bet she was blown away by your lung sounds. What was her name

Somer Love said...

You gotta just love that Question... So have you had this your whole life? are they serious did they not just spend 4 plus years going to school??? Do they not know what GENTIC DISEASE MEANS??? Seriously this question gets me everytime!!!