Monday, January 19, 2009

Valentine's Day

I am SO looking forward to Confessions of a Shopahloic coming out in theaters on Valentine's Day!! I have read all the books written by Sophie Kinsella and I think they are a riot...I just hope the movie does them justice.


Cara said...

Ohhh! I have seriously been dreadingggg V-day, but now you've given me something to look forward to! Thanks! :)

Hannah Grace said...

I saw the commercials for that when I went to see Bride Wars (wich by the way is really good) and I thought it looked really cute! Can't wait to see it..I didn't know there were books though. I'll have to pick them up and read them.

Somer Love said...

Ok are you sitting down I have great news for you! I too am obsessed with ALL of Sophies books well guess what I was doing some research on line and she also write under another penn name.... I have only read the GateCrasher and her other name is Madeliene Wickham but there are a ton of other books.