Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TX Appointment

today was my tx appt and it went fantastic! I have gained 8 1/2 pounds since my last appointment in awesome is that?? Maybe this not drinking soda and eating right thing isn't that bad after all! :)

I didn't have any test to do this time all I gave them was a sputum culture. So when I go back the first week of July I will have the usual blood work, six minute walk and PFTs to do.

My tour of the hospital went well last night and my mom and I spent the whole car ride to Gainesville and back making lists of our different ideas for the peds unit. I am going with my mom to her Rotary meeting tomorrow afternoon again so we can talk about Jen's Kids afterwards.

Well that's all I got for today...I am super tired after getting up at 5:30 this morning to get ready to leave for my check-up so hopefully I can get to bed early tonight!

Have a good night.


Piper said...

Jen, congrats on the great visit! Sounds like you're kicking butt and taking names! Also your "Jen's Kids" project is super impressive...I'm so excited to hear about your progress with that!

So what's the secret to your weight gain with the healthy diet? I don't have CFRD (yet, that is - I'm on pretty high daily prednisone so I know i can't avoid it forever), but I really really need to gain some weight right now. I would LOVE to do it eating healthier foods...weird as it sounds I get sick of the junk! I read your "food "post and the comments you got back, but would love any other tips you have to share!

Christy said...

Holy cow on the weight gain. That is so awesome Jen!! Yeah, eating right definitely makes a difference. :)