Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boring Weekend

Well, I officially had the most boring weekend at home! We stayed home all weekend and didn't go anywhere.

Friday night we watched Role was hilarious! I recommend it to anyone who is in the mood for a good comedy.

Saturday, Danny worked around the house during the day then Saturday night I worked on making Danny a resume (construction is VERY slow here) so he can look for a part-time job and then Saturday night we finished off season 2 of Weeds. Weeds is a showtime show that we just started watching.

Then today there was a craft fair that comes to town like once or twice a year and I really wanted to go but my mom had things to do today and Danny was NOT letting me talk him into going! :) So I did nothing today either....I feel like such a bum.

Health wise I am good. I felt kind of congested the other night but I had Danny do CPT by hand after I did my vest and the next day I felt better. Does anybody have any other tips or suggestions on how to get the junk out of my lungs?

My mom wants to go see my uncle at the end of May and I am not letting myself get excited about the possible trip because my track record has been I get sick every 2 months or so and its right around that time so I am doing all I can to try and stay well. Unfortunately we all know that I can do everything right and I could still get sick so we will see.

News on Jen's Kids: Next week my mom and I will be meeting with a guy from the hospital to finalize the paperwork on the Jen's Kids Fund. Then all we need is money and we are in business!

To answer Somers question from a previous post Jen's Kids is not its own 501(c)3 because its under the "umbrella" of Lee Memorial Hospital's Foundation but it's its own deal meaning the money can only be used for what we say and is sepearte from any other money the hospital raises.

Well I have to go food shopping now...lucky me! Have a great week everyone. :)


sew{very}Creative said...

Jen, if you can't come at the end of May, come earlier. Or later. We just want to see you, Darlin'.

We love you, and you're *ALWAYS* in our hearts.

And we'll be putting you to work here, too ... so you won't be bored. You'll be picking out paint colors for Eric and I, and helping Mara with her fashion choices (oh, PLEASE!)!

Love you oodles,
Auntie C

gahitstoni said...

So I have barely read any of your blog and I completely applaud you for keeping your spirits so high in the midst of waiting for some lungs! I'm not nearly as close to lungs as some (my FEV1 sits around mid 60's to low 70's) but I know how difficult it can be to do anything when you don't get enough oxygen. The fact that you are still out and about and doing things for yourself is a huge sigh of relief. I know a lot of people who just refuse to see the positive in life and you are not one of them! Hopefully you can follow my blog as well if you choose to! I don't know you at all, but I really like your attitude and what you have to say!

Thanks for being awesome!

CFlover said...

Man the more I read from other CFers the more I realize he does take a butt load!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog =D

OceanDesert said...

Jen, those are some of the best words anyone's ever told me... We inspire EACHOTHER!!! SO glad you are out there and enjoying life while you wait for your call... It will come and it WILL be worth it!!

Hugs cysta!