Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last day of abx!

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend!

I had a wonderful visit at my uncles house despite not feeling good because I didn't have a working nebulizer cup. Note to self: open new neb cup and check that it works before going 8 hours away from your house!

I thought for sure since I had a crappy weekend health wise plus the fact that my doctor had to call me in a prescription of prednisone while I was up there that he would have wanted me to do an extra week of IV abx, but luckily he said that today could be my last day like we had planned.

Thankfully I am done today...I am SO white and pale I need sun! I am going to set my beach chair up on our deck and start sitting outside a little bit each day. Even if its just an hour while I read its better than what I am doing now.

Danny's friend Curt has his sister here visiting from Minnesota and when she walks in and is WAY tanner than me who lives in Florida there is a problem! :)

I have some pictures that I want to put up later...right now Danny and I have to go to Target to get a birthday present for our niece and then we have to go food shopping! I was gone for 2 weeks in the hospital and then away for a long weekend so we have NOTHING in our house. When I am gone no cooking happens so I have to stock up again so I have stuff to cook for dinner.


feafer said...

There is a misconception of Floridians. People expect us to be tan, but the thing is, we are LIVING here, not vacationing here.

There is work, shopping, a house to run. There isn't always time to sun ones self.

Anonymous said...

Also - and I know this is the part that sucks - be sure to wear sunscreen! One thing Sara learned is that after transplant, you have to be even more careful, and you might want to start now. The good news is she loves the lotions that include self-tanners - they give her a nice glow, but don't risk the excess sun!

Glad to hear your abx ended, and the b/w photos you have on your blog are excellent! Beautiful!


Jen said...


My tx center has already warned me about not tanning post transplant :(
Do you know which lotion she uses that has the self-tanner? I was just asking a friend other day about self-tanning lotions but she had never used them before and didn't know if they actually worked and which brand was the best.

How is Sara feeling? I have been thinking about her a lot lately and I am just praying that she gets better and back on the right track soon.

Hopefully you guys have a good week! Thanks for complimenting my pictures....I LOVE black and white photos! :)