Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Week

Happy Saturday everyone! :)

Oh where to begin...well my BFF Amanda and her family like I said in a previous post are all out of our house now but it wasn't until this past Tuesday that they actually moved into a house of there own. So Tuesday night Danny and I drove both our vehicles down to Naples (where I grew up about 45min-to an hour away from where I live now) to bring her all her stuff that was in our garage. It took two cars because Danny had a queen size mattress in the back of his truck while ALL her boxes where everywhere in my car...I could barely even see out the back that's how bad it was!

It wasn't until we were already on the road did I realize that the dust from the garage/left over cat hair that was all over the boxes was making it a little hard for me to breath. So when we got there I did a couple puffs of my inhaler and ate my Mcd's but I wasn't really feeling any better. Wednesday when I woke up I felt ok but not by much so by like 7:00pm that night I called my doctor and he called me in some good ol' prednisone. It did the trick and I am feeling fine now!

I just finished week 3 of Azli and I have one more week and then Fri Oct. 9th I have a Dr. appt at Faverio's office so we will see how I do. I think the following week is a Gainesville/TX check-up but I don't have any test or anything that appt so it should be really fast in and out that day.

Last night Danny and I went out to Pearl Lounge. We have a friend who works there and it was his birthday so Pearl thru a big Black and White birthday bash for him. It was nice cause we got to see/hang out with friends we dont get to see all the time! Plus I like Pearl because since they serve sushi there too its like the only club/bar you can't smoke inside so its perfect for me! :O)

Me and Danny!!

Well I think that is it....I am off to drop Mr. Brodie to the groomer's for a MUCH needed hair cut! Poor little guys bangs are so long it looks like you can't even see his eyes...I say he looks like my little surfer dude! LOL

On a quick side note...did anybody else hear they came out with a Scene It: Twilight Edition?? How fricking cool is that?!?! LOL We happen to love all the Scene It games (minus the Seinfeld one I was never a fan of that show!) and now that they came out with one about Twilight I can hardly contain my excitement. I smell a girls night IN around the corner!! :)


LJ said...

love the pic of you and Danny! you look great! I think smoking is banned in almost all clubs and bars up here. I agree it makes it so much nicer, especially for us. There is nothing wore than getting home late after a fun night and having to shower because your smell like a cigarette! I always used to sound so hoarse the next day if I were around that. I hope you have a great week!