Monday, March 29, 2010

Last Night

Last night my family and I went to a benefit concert for Jen's Kids and it was great!

Paul Todd charities put on this wonderful concert where half the proceeds go to Jen's Kids and the other half goes to The Harry Chapin Food Bank.

It was supposed to be from 7-9 but he was also taping this concert for TV and I think he said he was going to make a DVD so he planned on singing more songs than usual...well it didn't end till around 10:30! Thank goodness I planned ahead and thought to bring an extra oxygen tank "just in case."

There was a little bit of something for everyone last night but I think my favorite part was when Paul sang with the Chaloosahatchee Stompers. They were 5 older gentleman each playing different instruments Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet, Tuba and the Banjo. I think my inner redneck girl was itching to come out when they were on stage!! :)

All the performers at the end of the concert

Me and my cousin Kasey

Me and Danny

Me and Mom

My sister Jessie and I

Thank you again to ALL the great people I met last night and to all the generous people who support Jen's Kids and my vision everyday. We really couldn't make my idea a reality without them.



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