Monday, May 3, 2010

Week 2 finished!!

Today marks my 2nd week of abx with one more week to go and I am feeling great! I just finished my last dose of prednisone today so I am looking forward to the blood sugars stabilizing a bit and being able to go to sleep at a descent hour! ;)

My first weekend home was fabulous. Friday night Danny and I enjoyed dinner and a movie night in with his parents. We watched The Stepfather, it as ok very predictable though.

Saturday, Danny worked all day and I relaxed at home and then we went to our good friends Cat and Eric's house for there engagement party. They had a pig that they roasted and LOTS of yummy food. I was so glad to be able to attend the party...I hate missing out on things like that because it seems I am always stuck in the hospital!

Sunday I met up with my mom, brother and sister at Coconut Point mall (its in the middle of their house and mine) and we did some shopping. I got some cute shirts from Express but that was it. I have been looking for a long time for a pair of capris but I haven't been successful and with it getting hotter by the day I hope I find some soon...I have been slowly growing out of ALL my old ones! (which is good for the weight gain, bad for the wallet!!) :)

I have to get some blood work done tomorrow but other than that I have no plans. I hope everyone has a great week!!


LEJ said...

hey hun! just reading up on your blog. I am so excited about Jen's place. Looks like the ball is really rolling...that is awesome! I hear ya on the uping the weight which leads to uping the money that comes out of our I hope you were able to find some cute summer tops. Have a great weekend:)