Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I got home last night. It was SO nice to sleep in my own bed and to be able to sleep through out the night with out any interruptions!

I had a little trouble with my new prescriptions at the pharmacy last night. I am now on Revatio (viagra) and Aldactazide (diuretic.)

When Danny went back to the pharmacy to pick them both up he was only able to get the Aldactazide because the Revatio needed a pre-authorization from my doctor. Danny asked the pharmacists how much it was, if for some reason insurance doesn't cover it and its $1500 for one months supply!! Can you believe that? That's ridiculous...I called my doctors office this morning and informed them that if they can't get it authorized they are gonna have to find another medication cause I can't afford that!

Tomorrow is my check-up in Gainesville. I don't have any test scheduled but that doesn't mean anything they sometimes make me do a 6 minute walk and PFT's anyway. I will update tomorrow night and let you all know how it goes!