Thursday, August 26, 2010

Transplant Check-up

Went to Gainesville yesterday and it was a really good appointment!

It started at 6am with us getting on the road since my appt was at 10. My whole check-up was a breeze yesterday since I had no test or labs. So all I had to do was give a sputum culture and see the Dr.

When the Dr came in I told him all about my recent hospital stay and my pulmonary hypertension (which he already knew about from my Pulmonologist at home) and he informed me that my number has gone from a 41 to a 43 and that I am 4th on the list for my blood type. But he said that doesn't necessarily mean I have to wait for 3 people to get lungs because the 3 people ahead of me have smaller chest cavities than I do so if a bigger set of lungs come in they couldn't use them so it would go to me. So it could be anytime now....

I have been having real bad ringing in my ears which I thought was from the diuretic, so my transplant Dr told me I could D/C it since I wasn't swollen anymore. Yesterday morning was my last dose of it and I still have the ringing tonight! I am starting to think it is the Revatio that is causing it. But since that med is for my Pulmonary Hypertension I don't think Dr. Faverio is gonna stop it. I just hope this ringing either stops or gets lower cause I am going to go bonkers if it doesn't!! :(