Thursday, December 23, 2010

Out of the hospital

For the first time in 65 days I slept in a bed other than a hospital bed!

You would think that it would have been the best night sleep ever but unfortunately that was NOT the case! I still am not able to sleep flat and since I obviously don't have a bed that can sit up I had one heck of a time trying to get comfortable on a stack of pillows propping me up.

Plus I think that coming "home" for the first time in such a long time along with my whole new regimen of meds was a little overwhelming. Plus not having the security of being able to call a nurse if something was wrong was also a little scary. Although I have to admit I haven't really dealt with my meds myself yet. When we got home yesterday my mom was the one who got them all out and in the pill box for the first time...she's so organized with the whole thing I swear she had pie charts and graphs of all that I was supposed to do! LOL

I think its just going to take me awhile to fully trust my new lungs and know that yes I can breath now and yes I am going to be ok. There are just so many emotions that I feel all at once it feels sorta like a roller coaster ride sometimes.

But I made it through the hard part now I just have to do my physical therapy and get strong so I can go home and live my life again. Cause that is what this whole thing has been about to live my life with the ones I love.

Danny and my sister are coming up tonight and the rest of my family will be here tomorrow night so we can spend Christmas together. I am just so thankful to be here and out of the hospital! I hope everyone has a great Holiday and Merry Christmas!! XoXoX


LE said...

I loved what you wrote...all of that reminded me of when I had exciting but overwhelming with all the meds. I am thrilled you are out for Christmas. God bless you and your family! XOXOX

Katey said...

Glad you got to get out and spend Christmas at home. It does take awhile to get used to everything post-transplant. And like you...i couldn't sleep flat for awhile. I put pillows up under my mattress so the head of the bed would be elevated some. We also had a recliner chair that i slept in sometimes as well.

Merry Christmas (a day late). You are very blessed this Christmas to have those new lungs, like many others. It's the most awesome gift and I can't wait for you to really experience that gift :)

CFsteph said...

I hope all is well. It sounds like you have been on a wild and crazy ride. I am glad you received your new lungs. I bought a pillow wedge for sleeping upright. I think my mom got it at bed bath and beyond. I stopped using it for a while but then started getting more heartburn so I am using it again. Learning to trust your new lungs will take a while. I am 9 months out and I still have days that I need to remember to trust my lungs. Recovery can be long and sometime hard but it is all so worth it. Here is to 2011 and great health!