Thursday, December 2, 2010


I apologize for not keeping Jenn's blog up to date lately, but we have been going thru some pretty scary times these past few days. After my last post, Jennifer starting having a much harder time keeping her CO2 levels from getting too high - the vent was good for giving her oxygen, but her lungs were so bad that they couldn't expel the bad gases. This would make her "loopy" and much more concerning was the effect that the high CO2 levels would have on her kidneys. If they started to fail, it would have been a deal breaker for transplant. On Monday morning (11/29), she was literally gasping her last breaths. Her doctor decided to put her on a heart lung bypass machine (ECMO) to buy us time - 72 hours. During the surgery she had cardiac arrest - it took 12 minutes to resuscitate her. There was also complications with her left leg - because she is so slender her artery ruptured when they were securing her to the machine. She not only had a big bleed from this, but it left that leg with no blood flow. We were told that there was a good chance that she would have brain damage - again another deal breaker for transplant. Miracle #1 - no brain damage! They went back in and rerouted the tubes in her left leg to restore the blood flow. Miracle #2 - no nerve damage - perfect left leg! At this point Jennifer was elevated to #1 on the transplant waiting list. Her doctors turned down 2 opportunities because they weren't good lungs and because Jennifer had responded to the ECMO machine better than they had expected. Problem was - she still need lungs and time was running short. I am relieved and happy to announce Miracle #3! Jenn went into surgery last night (12/1) at 10:25PM to receive her new lungs! She came out of surgery this morning at 9:45AM. The surgeon told us it was a very tough surgery. Her lungs were the worst he had ever seen - however her new lungs are beautiful! The next 48 hours are critical - please keep her uplifted in your prayers. Prayers have brought her this far and I have faith that they will carry us through the difficult road ahead. Praise God my beautiful daughter has been given the opportunity of enjoying life - something none of us should take for granted.


OceanDesert said...

Oh, Jen! I am SO happy for you!!!! What an amazing testament that miracles are REAL! Jen, you are a miracle and this gift will only allow you to create more miracles!!

Lots of Love,
your Cyster, Sara

Sandy said...

I have a 21 month old daughter with CF and heard about Jen. Thanks for sharing her miracles with us! Thinking of all of you and hoping for the BEST.

LE said...

God is so awesome! December miracle I am smiling ear to ear. I got a text last night and prayed so hard for a miracle. There were so many people thinking and praying for you, and within an hour I heard this awesome news! Congrats guys! Hang in there Cyster this is a beginning of a new life:) XOXOX

LaVetta Aguilera said...

I am praying for Jen. I just recently lost my boyfriend to CF on October 21 and his best friend on October 20. This has been a really difficult past couple months. I know that God is real and performs miracles and I will be praying for you and your family for one. Lots of love being sent your way from Illinois.


Philip R. Hanaburgh Sr. said...

Jen, one year ago Danny was at our house to do some work and he told us about your Journey and we have been following your blog and praying for you.
God Bless you and wach over you and Danny.

Paola,Philip Hanaburgh

Stacey said...

I am so happy to hear about the miracles that made the transplant possible. Now focus on recovery. You've got this, Jen!

Jesse Petersen (CF Fatboy) said...

PTL! That's such great news.

Let us know if she wants a visit in a couple of weeks. We're in Tampa under the TGH center's care.

Niki S said...

Jen, you have tons of people praying for you back home! Thanks for having your mom keep us updated. Hope has been calling me too. Get strong! Our prayers are being heard and they won't stop! Love,
Niki S.

James Fahr said...

Jen is most definitely in my thoughts, has been since I first heard of her circumstances. I am 6 months post transplant now, so I understand to a small extent what you and your family have been going through. My wife and family probably more so. But stay strong and we will send the love.


Laura Si said...

I'm SO happy for you and your family! Lots of thoughts and prayers coming form PA and hoping for the best!!

Denise Fahr said...

Wow! This is awesome, great, amazing and a miracle! Piper has been keeping everyone posted on Jen's struggle this past week. Tons of strength have been and will continue to be sent out to all of you! Hang tough! It will be a long healing process but well worth it! I can't imagine how hard this has been for the family and Jen. The dry runs and waiting are so stressful, no need for me to tell you that! Thank God for organ donor's and their families!!!! They have change my and especially my husbands (him being 6 mos post-tx) lives tremendously! You will constantly be comparing everything Jen will be able to do compared to pre-tx. I'm so so happy!!!

Jill said...

I'm so happy to hear this wonderful update! I was so worried with no blog posts even though I really don't know Jen at all. Thanks for sharing. I have been praying for her, your family, the doctors and nurses caring for her and for our CF angels to watch over here and keep her here on earth.

Christmas miracles do happen. More prayers coming your way from NC.

Lots of love,

your Cyster Jill
8 yrs post bilateral lung tx
4 yrs post living donor kidney tx