Saturday, December 4, 2010

Surpassing All Odds

Jennifer has continued to surpass all odds. She is a fighter - we knew that - but now everyone who has either worked with her directly or heard about her here at Shands knows that too! She pushed herself to sit in a chair yesterday. She is still on 2 PPM of nitric oxcide and they have her down to 40% oxygen on the ventilator. Her heart rate and blood pressure have now come way down since pre-surgery. Of course she is being hard on herself - she wants to be further along in her recovery - walking down the halls - but we're not there yet. Her legs are very weak both from being in bed for so long (5 weeks at Health Park before coming here) as well as being on ECMO. She also still has all 4 drains in - but little by little other things are coming out. Her doctors and surgeons are very happy with her progress. Thank you everyone for keeping Jennifer uplifted in prayer. Please continue to do so - Jennifer is proof that miracles do happen!


OceanDesert said...

ALL good news! YAY!! LOVE reading this! THank you for the updates! Jen, you're going at an UH-mazing pace!! As I'm sure physio is already helping you with, but even when you're sitting in a chair, doing leg raises or just practicing focused, deep breaths can be as helpful as walking. Atta girl! GO JEN GO!

Heide said...

Jennifer, Heather, all of you who love Jen,
You are totally and constantly in my prayers. As Ocean Desert said . . .GO JEN GO !!