Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Busy Week!

Hello! I think I told you all in my last post that I was scheduled for a bronch/biopsy on the 24th and then I had other appts as well with other Dr's since we were up there. I figured get everything done in a couple days then we don't have to drive to Gainesville for awhile.

Well that was a great plan until my transplant Dr called last week and wanted to move my bronch from Thursday morning to Monday morning. So needless to say we had to drive to Gainesville Sunday night to sleep in a hotel, woke up had my bronch (first one since my trach has been removed I will get more into that in a minute) slept in recovery for a couple hours, was released to go home, had lunch at Fridays, got in the car slept some more and then finally arrived home! AND because we still have all my other appts that I made we get to do it all over again on Thursday and Friday minus all the sleeping since I am not having another bronch!

Its not so bad I just hate being in the car for HOURS....especially if its just me and one other person because then I feel like I have to stay awake and talk to keep them company when all I really want to do is sleep so the trip goes by faster!! Ever since I was a kid when I go on road trips my eyelids get very heavy and I am usually asleep before we have left the driveway! LOL Happens every time.....

I don't have the results of my biopsy yet but all my blood work came back ok and Dr. Baz said my lungs looked really good and that they were clear! Now onto my bronch experience...this was my first bronch post-trach and the first time going in through my nose so I wasn't entirely sure on what to expect.

First of all, the lidocaine breathing treatment taste gross let me just throw that out there. SO then my Dr comes in we chat for a minute he asks how im doing I get a few Rx from him etc., he tells the nurse to give me the meds (300mcg of Fentanyl and 3mg of Versed) and then he basically starts the procedure right away. So I felt him numbing my nose and while I don't really remember the whole procedure I do recall bits and pieces and I could feel some of it too. So I think if he gave me the medicine and waited I don't know 5 minutes maybe I would be more out of it than if he just started right away. Plus I think next time I am gonna see if he can give me 4mg of versed since I know of other people who get DOUBLE that amount! He can be so stingy when it comes to pain medicine and things like that....

Other than being sleepy for the rest of the day the only other side effect I had was a minor sore throat but that only lasted the rest of the day when I woke up Tuesday I was fine. One of the things I talked to my Dr about was the fact that im not happy with my weight....all 92.8 pounds of it! He asked me how my appetite was and I said that it was ok but not great so he gave me a Rx for Megace. Has anybody ever taken this before and if so how did it work out?

Onto more exciting stuff other than bronchs and weight gaining....we are almost done with the downstairs bathroom! Danny did the first couple coats of paint Sunday and Monday while I was out of town and hopefully if he has time this weekend he will do the glazed sponge paint on top of that! It looks SO good already I love my beach theme bathroom! :)

I went to my first post-tx yoga class on Friday and it was AWESOME! I also started physical therapy last week too. I will be going to PT 3 times a week where I will walk the treadmill/maybe start on the elliptical, work on my leg and foot a little since I still have a lot of numbness there from my arterial bypass surgery and then the BEST part of all is the massages since I have been having so much trouble with my lower back lately. I have an appt today at 4! :)

Well I think this post is long enough....I probably wont post again till I get back from Gainesville so I will let you all know then the results of my biopsy and how all my other appts went! Have a good rest of the week!


Jess said...

I never get more than 200 of Fentanyl! Lucky! I was on Megace before tx and gained about 8-10 pounds. I was always starved in the mornings. Hope it works for you! I took the liquid kind

MissPiggy said...

Hi Jen!
I've been following your blog for a while now, I am glad you are doing well!
I live in Holland and i'm 3 mnd's post re-transplant.

I wanted to ask you, I've read that you have been using Vancomycine- nebulizer.

My doc's want me on it, since I don't tolerate it IV.
But they've never done that over here.

Maybe you can tell me if it woked for you and if you had any complications?

I hope it's not a lot to ask, but maybe if you feel like it, you would like to e-mail me?


Lots of love,
Djuna (Rotterdam, Holland)