Wednesday, March 2, 2011


SO....unfortunately I am STILL in the hospital. Poo!! :(

Today marks day 10 and my doctor still doesn't know when I will be discharged. He is doing a bronch tomorrow to check things out (I already had a biopsy Monday....No Rejection WOOP WOOP!!) and says he will have more of a game plan of when I can either go home home or tx-housing home depending on what he sees and if I can keep my stupid fevers lower than 99 for 48 hours.

As of right now I am on Colistin nebs twice a day, Vancomycin, and Cefepime for the Pneumonia and I guess he says I have a bladder infection too which is weird I have never had one before and I am peeing fine so how would one know if you have a BI...isn't it supposed to burn when you pee?

Oh yeah one quick question before I go. Has any post-tx out there noticed a change in there body temperature since there surgery? I used to freeze any and everyone out of every room I was in cause I had to have the A/C on COLD now Danny complains that I keep it like a sauna because I am always freezing. It's really weird! But hey on the bright side our electric bill should go down! LOL

OK, well im sure once I know more I will post about it seeing as I have not much else to do. I just really, really, really, really want to go home! My little brother comes home this weekend for spring break from Ohio and I am stuck 4 hours away from home. :(

Have a good day guys!


Somer Love said...

sending you good get to go home ju ju!!!!

Keep your chin up..

and that is so crazy about your body temp I am always so hot too!

Jill said...

Hi Jen,
I've always been the cold one before tx and after so I can't say that changed at all for me. I kind of wish it had!

I know it seems like you will never leave the hospital and go home....those first months can be so up and down (and oh-so frustrating). We've all been there and it stinks. But I would never want to go back to pre-tx!

It is better to be close to the center that did your tx during these early months so they can adequately figure out the tx mysteries that each of us present--we are the zebras, not the horses.

I hope you get to go home soon. Nothing like home sweet home--used to be a miracle cure for me.

As for the urinary tract infection, burning is one possible symptom but sometimes it can be subtle or asymptomatic (feeling like you have to go bad but then not pee much). It's probably because of all the drugs you are on--easy for post-tx pts to get infections! Drink lots of water and cranberry juice doesn't hurt and might help.

Good luck and good health.

Jess said...

I noticed a temp. change, but I was always hot as hell! So I guess we have opposing temperatures. I also have become very sensitive to hot and cold, especially with water.