Friday, April 22, 2011

Lesson Learned...

Never go up for a "routine bronch" without an overnight bag just in case....that is the lesson I learned yesterday the hard way!

So Wednesday I called my coordinator to say I thought I needed a bronch because I was feeling a little congested as I still have a little hole in my neck and it makes it VERY hard to cough anything up if need be. My energy has been fine, my O2 has been fine it was just at night when I laid down to go to bed did I feel kind of crappy. So they scheduled me for a 8am bronch Thursday morning. I thought ok I will go get cleaned out and then head on home just like I did last time. NOT. SO. MUCH!

After doing my bronch, Dr. Baz talked to Danny saying that something just didn't look right so they were admitting me and that we would know more (whether it is rejection or infection) the next day. Because we weren't expecting to stay we had NOTHING with clothes, no phone chargers, no toothbrushes....all I had was a pillow and blanket from the car ride up and my laptop and thank goodness I thought to have Danny take it so he had something to do during my bronch! So I sent Danny home last night so he could go to work today and pack our stuff and then he was gonna go back up to Gainesville when he got off.

Well, this morning came and luckily I don't have rejection but I do have pneumonia in my left lung. But the good news is its very treatable and my dr let me go home today and do IV's at home! YAY! Shortest hospital stay ever! :)

I do have to go back to Gville on Monday for an xray...if it shows improvement I can go back home and continue my dose of IV's if its not improved he will readmit me and do another bronch on Tuesday to see what else is going on!

Im just glad to be home for Easter weekend and spend time with my family. Let me tell you last night sucked being by myself in Gainesville....I think I cried for like 2 hours after Danny left just because I wasn't expecting to have to stay so I was thrown off...I felt like such a baby after I was done being emotional! lol

Anyway, I will let you all know what happens next week!! Have a great weekend everyone! :)


Brianne Houston said...

Surprise hospital stays give you the right to be a big baby for awhile! Don't worry about (: I'm glad you are home for the holiday though. Kick that pneumonia's butt!

LE said...

I always pack my "just in case bag" even if I feel great:) My web cam was on the computer that crashed but maybe we can skype like instant message wise. I hope they get you on the right hang in there! XOXOXO