Monday, April 18, 2011

Twelve days just FLY by...

I just looked at blogger and realized I haven't updated in 12 days!! Geez-louise!

Where to start...well I got my biopsy results back from my bronch a couple weeks ago and it was NEGATIVE for rejection!!! Woo-Hoo! I love hearing those results! :)

We had and awesome time at our friends wedding on Sanibel. It was so nice to "get away" for a night even if it was only an hour away from our house. Lounging by the pool with a RumRunner in my hand is the way to relax in style! Unfortunately, we didn't get to do the parasailing thing because my doctor said NO until my sternum is "completely" healed...bummer! But one day I will...

Us and the Newlyweds!!

Me, Danny, his brother Troy & wife Stephanie

Me & Danny <3

View from our room! :)

The next few weeks are jam packed for me. We have Easter next weekend, next week I think I am going back to Gainesville (I swear I am always there!) then the following weekend me and my family are going to Panama City Beach to see my Aunt and Uncle. Then May 4th I am riding up with my dad to Ohio to pick my little brother up from college. Then that following weekend is Mother's day....and in the middle of ALL that I go to physical therapy for 2 hours three days a week!! Im telling ya I am a busy girl!! :)

Man I am exhausted just thinking of all I have to do! LOL I just got home from PT so I am gonna straiten up my bedroom a little bit and then jump in the shower. I need to have dinner done a little early tonight cause we have to go to the grocery store after dinner and I don't want to be going super late!

Have a great Monday everyone.....


OceanDesert said...

Jen, I'm SO happy you have so much energy to live your wonderful life! Isn't running around fun?


Jen said...

It is! Its AMAZING that I can do all I want to in a day and I don't have to take "breaks" in between to rest or do a breathing treatment or change my mind all together and not go to the next activity cause I am to wiped out! Don't get me wrong I still get tired cause I am not sleeping that well at night time yet...but its NOTHING like before!! :)