Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gainesville Bound...

I was supposed to already be up in Gainesville as of yesterday because I had a clinic appointment this morning. BUT...the last couple days I could feel junk rattling around in my chest and because I still have a stupid hole in my neck cause of the wonderful trach I had (can you here the sarcasm??) it makes it VERY difficult to cough anything up! It basically gets stuck in my throat and its horrible. The little mucous I managed to force out luckily was clear/to a very light yellow so I wasn't to concerned. But I did call the coordinator yesterday to see about having a bronch Wednesday afternoon after clinic to suck all the junk out. I just don't want it brewing down there in my lungies and causing a bigger issue than it needs to be...I want it outta there!

SO, after my coordinator called me back with the fabulous news that my Dr couldn't fit me in today for a bronch. They cancelled my clinic appt and are just having me come in at 8am tomorrow morning for bloodwork and a bronch instead. Which is all fine and dandy except now I have to wait one more day of feeling congested (which I don't like btw! I have had months of normal breathing I like it that way!) plus I had to re-configure my ride situation. Luckily my SIL is awesome and her boss is awesome and gave her the night off to help me! Cause lets be honest I can't drive myself home after a bronch... :)

I am exhausted though! The last couple nights when I lay down is when I REALLY feel the congestion so it keeps me awake. Last night I even tried to sleep kinda sitting up and that was little help. So I am just hoping (an praying) that the bronch fixes everything and I will be sent home a happy camper. Because two of our really good friends are getting married Friday night out on Sanibel Island and I can't wait!! We got a room out there and everything (the resort is like 45min from our house and with an open bar till 2am we thought it best to stay there!) so we are gonna take full advantage and lounge by the even trying to talk Danny into parasailing with me but he is afraid of heights and being a sissy about it! LOL The man can walk not tied to anything on a roof beam but cant go in the air strapped to his wife....WTH! :)

I will definitely have pictures from this weekend that I will post once we get home. Until then I am gonna finish packing my bag for Gainesville and wait for my SIL to get here so we can hit the road!! Have a great rest of the week.....XoxoX


Stacey said...

Crossing my fingers and toes for you... Hoping the bronch knocks out the yuckies and you're breathing gets back to perfect!