Saturday, June 7, 2008

Doctors Appt. Update

So Wednesday me, my mom, Danny, and my little sister all left at 6:30 in the morning to go to my doctors appointment in Gainesville. We got there at 10:30 (1/2 an hour early) and they took me back right away to get blood drawn. Then they told us we had to go to the first floor to get a chest x-ray (even though it wasn't on my sheet they sent me in the mail.) So we went down there and of course they don't know anything about it. So we wait 15 minutes and then the lady at the desk tells us that no we don't need an x-ray and to go back up stairs to the 3rd floor. This annoys me because hello I am there for a lung transplant and they have me walking all over the building for no reason!!

Anyway...back on topic. We went up stairs and waited in the waiting room for awhile. Once we got called back, I got weighed (105.8), got my temperature taken, my blood pressure, and my oxygen Sats. Then once all that was done I was taken to do my PFT's my FEV1 was about 15% which is what it was back in December so at least its not going down. After that was done I took a little rest and then did my six minute walk. Once I was done with all my test we went in the exam room to wait for the doctor.

Now normally we are at this appointment for HOURS, but Wednesday was actually the first time that we weren't there ALL day and we were back on the road and headed home by 1:00. The doctor says that I am doing great and I don't have to go back to see them for 3 months (unless of course I get the call.)


OceanDesert said...

Glad your appt went well! Sounds similar to my check-up appts at UCLA while I've been on the list. Oh, and about the portable concentrator.. I used one of those when we traveled to Chicago last year.. I still needed the big concentrator when I slept cuz at the time I required more liters than it wiould handle and now I require more all the time.. But at least I could use it on the plane and in the airport etc.... Did your insurance cover it? Cuz mine wouldn't...

Sew Very Creative said...

Happy Anniversary, Jen!! Hope Danny kept you busy and that's why you've been a no-show for the past few days!!

Lovin' you lots in NWFL!!

Unky Eric & Aunty Connie
(and the demented rugrats)

Sew Very Creative said...

Oh, yeah ... give your Momma, Josh, Jord-O, & Jessie a hug for us, too ... and Kev, too, if he's behavin' himself!! ;)