Thursday, June 12, 2008

So I am in the Hospital

The last few days I have been feeling kind of rundown. I would do extra breathing treatments and my vest and I was on oxygen more and with all that I STILL felt tired so I knew something wasn't right.

I called my doctor Tuesday night to tell him I wasn't feeling right and he told me that the next day he would try to get me a bed at the hospital. So Wednesday afternoon I got a call and headed up to the hospital.

Now normally when I am admitted to the hospital WITHOUT fail I get a fever. I think that once I get some antibiotics and start moving secreations around its just something that happens. So of course today I start feeling chilly and even being under 2 blankets didn't help (anybody who knows me knows I am ALWAYS hot so this is very uncommon) so I get my temp taken and of course just like I predicted it was 102.6. I took some tylenol and it went down but by 5:30 it was back up to 102.2 so I got some motrin.

Now of course because I have had fevers all day I felt crappy and haven't really had an appetite so hopefully tomorrow will be better because I really can't afford to not be eating. My goal is to be home by Monday because my doctor goes on vacation for a week that day and I HATE the doctor that fills in for him so I will keep you all posted!


OceanDesert said...

Hey Jen! Yeah that is really weird! I got my picc on Tues.. Hope your temps subside and you feel better soon!! :)