Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday morning

This past week/weekend have been kind of dull so I haven't had much to talk about!

All last week I have been really aggressive with trying to potty train Brodie. If someone took him for a walk he would go but he doesn't know yet to ask to go out. Plus since I can't really take him for walks myself when nobody is home, I bought a chain so I could hook him up to that. It took me 2 days of basically taking him out there every couple of hours before he got the hint to go potty...otherwise he just sat there and stared at me! So now when I put him on the chain he goes potty but only if I take him out, the next step is figuring out how to get him to tell us if he has to go!! Does anyone have any suggestions??

Friday night we went out to eat to celebrate our friend Karen getting a new job!! We went to a new restaurant that we have never been to called East Side Fire Pit Grill, I had probably one of the best steaks ever there....unfortunately I had an upset stomach so I took most of my dinner home and had it for breakfast the next day.

Saturday, my mom, Karen and I went to Edison mall to go shopping. I was trying to find an outfit to wear next weekend because my whole family is getting pictures done on Sunday. I was supposed to have Brodie in a doggy halloween costume contest but it rained all morning so we didn't go since it was supposed to be outside! Saturday night we went to KFC for dinner (I LOVE the mashed potatoes and cole slaw...yum!!) and then just went back to the house and played some games.

Sunday we had to be up early to go and see my nephew be baptized. He was so excited it was really cute. Then we went shopping again and I got a new pair of jeans from Express but I didn't find a shirt...I will probably just wear something I already have I own a TON of things that are black! Once we got home I started feeling kind of crappy, I was really congested so I did a breathing treatment and I felt a little better. I think I was just over tired from the weekend and running around. I am doing better now!

Today I have to run into work with my laptop...I need a program downloaded to it and it can not be done remotely I have to be plugged into the network. Other than that I will just be at home!