Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Morning

Well, obviously I haven't had to much going on or I would have written! Thursday I took Brodie to the vet and had him all checked out....he is fine of course but I now know my little peanut weighs 3.7 pounds! The vet did say once we got him neutered he would gain some weight so that's good.

Danny came home the other day with a pool table that some guy at his work was selling, its a nice pool table and he got it for a really good price the only problem is that is was SO big they had to take it apart to get it upstairs in the game room so now it is in pieces and has to be all leveled before you put the felt back on! oh well...not my problem! :)

We went to Outback last night for's one of my favorite restaurants and I hadn't been there in FOREVER! Seared Ahi Tuna for appetizer and the Outback special for dinner PLUS like 3 rolls of bread w/honey butter....I was so full I was rolling out of there! :) But it was ALL worth it.

We then went home and watched Iron Man on dvd. It was a good movie and I will definitely see the sequel (I heard they were making a 2nd) but I am not sure it was all that everyone had hyped it up to be...I don't know....has anyone else seen it?? I still haven't seen the new Batman either we are WAY behind on movies for some reason we are usually better than this.

Today, Danny is working so I am will probably just hang out at home till he is done then I don't know what the plan is. Until next time here are some photos of Brodie from last night...he is to funny....

Laying on our bed....
He likes to lay on his back....
Mom....Stop taking my picture!!!
(I love this one!! lol)