Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekly Plans

So today my cell phone rings and it was a phone number with a 352 are code (Gainesville) right away my heart starts beating a little faster and so I answer it and the voice on the other end says "Is this is Jennifer?" I said "Yes", the then I hear "I Jennifer, this is Becky from Dr. Baz's office I am just calling to confirm your appointment on Wednesday" I take a breath and say "Thanks...we will be there!!"

Holy Crap! All I kept thinking was this is it!! The day I really get the call I am probably gonna pass out or something!

So yes, my appointment is Wednesday at 10:30. Which means my mom will come to my house tomorrow when she gets off of work and spend the night that way bright and early Wednesday morning the three of us (mom, me & Danny) can get up and make the 4 hour drive to Gainesville for my visit.

I will be sure to let everyone know how my appointment goes. I am not scheduled for any test but my luck they will decide to throw some in there...they always do!

BTW.....did anybody else hear that Sarah Palin was found guilty by the Alaskan Panel who was investigating for a scandal now known as "Troopergate" of indeed abusing her authority and breaking state ethics law by trying to remove her former brother-in-law from his state trooper job? Now that Palin has been found guilty, not of a crime but of indeed abusing her authority and breaking state ethics law by trying to remove Wooten as state trooper, her reputation as a reformer and a champion for good government may be at this what she considers being a Maverick?? Interesting...

Also, just in case anyone is sitting around and you want TRUTHFUL info about the candidates, what they are for/against and anything that has been said about them got to they are a
nonpartisan, nonprofit "consumer advocate" for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics!

I know I probably shouldn't talk politics on my blog but its the only place I feel I can say what's in my head without someone arguing with me about it or giving me a hard time because I have my own beliefs (my dad and my husband are two of the biggest ones and it kind of hurts my feelings.) I was undecided for awhile on who I should vote for (yes, I usually lean more left but I was still open till I watched the debates and learned about both candidates) but as I learn more and more about who John McCain and now Sarah Palin are as people (not even looking if I agree with there policies yet...don't get me started) I am becoming more clear.

When I found out about John and his first wife (I wrote a post earlier about this) and found how/why he left her it gave me a really upset hurt feeling inside and all I could think was that could be me...and I am tearing up thinking it right now...but what if Danny one day decided he didn't want to be with me because I have to many issues now and I don't have the same health as I did 3 years ago (I know he never would but this is what I feel for this woman who was in a crippling car accident that left her disfigured and then John McCain left her for a pretty/younger version.) It makes me sick to even think about him right now and to think there are still people out there today who won't vote for Obama JUST because he is black and believe me I know a few and its just sad.

Anyway....I just hope that people make a informed decision and that whatever happens helps this country begin to heal and become great! Don't forget to watch the FINAL debate on Wednesday night!!! I know I will!!!


feafer said...

When you said your phone rang, I had to catch my breath. Sorry, maybe next time. Can't wait to hear how the appt. went.