Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Still not feeling great

I still feel very BLAH. My O2 sats are fine but I am definitley way more congested than usual and im coughing up a lot of crap! So I think it is time...

I called my doctors office today and told them how I was feeling so I will have a bed ready sometime tomorrow, that way I can have tonight to get all my things together.

I am just glad to be getting it over with now cause I will be out in time for Thanksgiving and hopefully be fine through Christmas too! Oh yeah and don't forget New Moon on Nov. 20!! ;)


Misha said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling so well at the moment. Praying for a speedy recovery :)
God Bless

Katey said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well!! Better to go in now then later though! Praying this stay clears things up and you can enjoy your Thanksgiving, Christmas and "birthdays" feeling great!!! I'll be praying all goes well tomorrow!

OceanDesert said...

Hey Jen, did you get a bed today? Picturing you home and enjoying the fall, Thanksgiving and the holidays!