Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another great week!

Well, its Saturday again and another great week has past! I have been doing really well health wise lately and its so nice to feel great and be out doing things with family and friends.

Wednesday was my trip up to Gainesville for my tx check-up. I am doing great (which I knew from Dr. Faverio's office last Friday) but I was shocked to see that my weight was up even more than it was last week! I am up to 115 pounds which for me is alot...I usually hang around 105 and thats if im not sick cause it sometimes drops below that to like 101 if I haven't been feeling well. I don't know what I am doing different but hopefully I can keep it up!

Friday, my mom and I had a meeting with the interior designer of the hospital about the stuff she has pulled together for us to look at. I do like the colors she has chosen and I like the architectural design of the rooms but if I am being 100% honest I am not entirely sold on the project as a whole. I just don't see any of my ideas/suggestions that I gave her anywhere and I feel like all she did was give me the exact color palette/fabrics that they already use in other pediatric areas of there other hospitals and I didn't want my project looking like any other peds floor out there. Does that make sense? So we will see what happens.

Last night we went to a comedy show with Curt and Karen. It was ok, I thought the 2nd comic was funnier than the first but apparently the table next to us didn't agree so they proceeded to talk VERY loud through his entire set to the point where he told them to shut the F***up! I thought they were incredibly rude and was annoyed by them...and they weren't even young people they were older retired-ish age people who you would think would have better manners. I mean this is this guys job and I thought he was funny...even if they didn't they shouldn't have ruined it for everyone else! done now! :O)

Here is a picture of us from last night:


Katey said...

Congrats on the weight and I'm so glad you are feeling good!!! I'll be praying that continues!

So are you getting to help designs the new floor in the hospital or whatever it is?