Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 1

Well, actually I was admitted yesterday afternoon but I didn't get here until 4 and it took all night to get all the orders in, x-ray done, port accessed etc. So I didn't get my first abx run until like 11.

So far everything looks doctor came in this morning and says I already sound like I am moving air better than yesterday so thats good! All I have to do is hopefully not get any fevers. Oh yeah and I just got my flu shot and I should be getting the H1N1 shot before I go home.

There are ALOT of sick people admitted right now...several with CF, some RSV and many with other types of viruses so my doctor said to really make sure EVERYONE is gowning up and gloving when they come in my room. Some of the nurses tend to only gown up when my doc is around so they don't get in trouble. Hopefully I don't have to say anything.


Misha said...

Hope they don't bring anything in on you. You definitely don't need anything else. I would definitely let them know I didn't appreciate them not gowning up.
God Bless

Alison said...

Hope you feel better soon, I was admitted just before Thanksgiving here in Canada, and told them, if I wasn't home by Friday I was signing myself out AMA. I hadn't been home for Thanksgiving in 4 years, I wasn't about to miss it again this year.

Hope your feeling better, keep us posted.

Love always

Katey said...

Hope you feel better soon!!!! I'll be praying for no fevers!! And yes, definitely watch those definitely don't want to catch anything on top of what you have!!! Have a good day (as much as you can when you are admitted)

Somer Love said...

Feel better soon! You are in my thoughts! I hope you get out of there soon!