Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Weekend

Friday night was my big birthday dinner with all my friends. We had a group of about 20 at Chilli's and it was a great night! The best part was my 3 girlfriends from like middle school came too so it made my night even more special. They all live about 45min to the south of where Danny and I live (where we all grew up) so even though I talk to them all the time we only get together ever so often so it meant a lot to me that they all came up for my b-day!

Danny and I at Chilli's

Me, Amanda & Eva

Saturday night was another celebration for my birthday at my parents house. It was just a family thing and my mom made country fried steak with country gravy...my favorite! :)

Sunday was our friend Curt's birthday so we went out to lunch with him and his parents who are visiting from Minnesota (that's were Curt and Danny are from) and then went over to Curt's house to watch the Super Bowl. IM sad to say that the team I was rooting for didn't win...(the colts for anyone who didn't watch) but it was a good game anyway and the Colts aren't my team anyway (The Dolphins are!) I just picked them to win cause I think Peyton Manning is a cutie no matter what Curt says about him having a huge forehead...LOL!!

What did you all think of the commercials? I think the funniest one was the Doritos commercial with the little kid telling his moms date to 1)keep his hands off his momma and 2)keep his hands off his Doritos...very funny should youtube it if you haven't seen it!

A quick health update: I am supposed to end my abx on Wednesday but I just called my doctor today and told him that I am still not feeling 100% yet. I still feel like I have a lot of chest congestion and small things are making me short of breath that usually don't. So when the nurse called me back she said he wanted to see me. So I am going in tomorrow morning at 10 and my guess is he will keep me on for another week of abx. I just don't know what he will do different if he will change up my abx again or add a something new to the mix. I will let you know tomorrow afternoon.

Oh yeah I almost forgot...we went an seen Avatar tonight. We saw it at the IMAX theatre in 3D! I almost didn't see this movie because the previews did nothing for me. But EVERYONE I know said how good it was and that if I was going to see it at all I had to see it on IMAX.....and boy am I glad I did! I urge anyone who hasn't seen it yet to go see it you wont be disappointed!

Now that's 4 out of the 10 best picture nominated movies down...only 6 more to go before Oscar night!! :)


Jess said...

I have been going about every month because my FEV1s kept dropping the last few months, its supposed to be every 3 though. I'm sorry that you've waited so long, I know that's got to be frustrating when you're sick but not "sick enough". It's a tough process. Let me know next time you have clinic so we can maybe wave at each other across the waiting room! Do you have facebook?

Katey said...

Happy Birthday (a little late...sorry). I'm glad you had a good/fun birthday weekend.

I'll be praying for your appointment....hope you feel better real soon!