Sunday, February 28, 2010

Love Weddings!

I love weddings! Everyone is all dressed up nice having a good time and there is love in the air! :)

Our good friends Holly and Eric got married Saturday night and it was beautiful. She looked fabulous, the food was delicious and everybody had a great time! We have a great group of friends and you can pretty much take us anywhere and we would have a good time so its always fun when we all can get together minus everyones kids (which doesn't happen often!)

Here are a few pics from the night!

Us and the Newlyweds!

Me and the Bride Holly

Me and my BILs Troy & Tony (Love them...they are the best!)

Me and my handsome husband! :)

I finished all my IV meds on Tuesday so I am extremely happy about that! I was SO over having my port accessed and the part of my skin that was under the tegaderm was over it too!

I go back in a week I think to see Dr. Faverio and do a dreaded PFT so we will shall see. Maybe I should take a page from Sara's book and start visualizing the numbers I want now so by the time my doctors appt rolls around it won't be such a dreaded test for couldn't hurt that's for sure! :)

I did get some bad news though at the end of last week. Me along with 10 or 11 other people got laid off from the bank I work at. For the past 18 months (pretty much since I have been activated on the list) they have been extremely supportive and allowed me to work from home via a work laptop and I always in the back of my mind wondered how long that was gonna last and with all the trouble banks have been having in this economy I wasn't to shocked that this happened it just sucks. June would have been my 7th year working there and I feel like this is just one more thing that stupid CF is taking from me because if I was an actual employee who could be a more productive team member and go into work and not be in the hospital every 2 months maybe I wouldn't be one of those people getting laid off. Who knows...all I know is now I have to figure out what I am going to do. I have to go into the social security office Tuesday so we will see what they say. I tried calling on Friday and got nowhere! The phone would just ring and ring and ring and then it cut off....VERY irritating!!

Well its almost midnight...Danny is snoring away and I myself am just starting to feel tired so I should probably go quickly with that feeling before it goes away and I am awake till 2 or 3!! :)

Goodnight Y'all!


OceanDesert said...

Jen, you look ADORABLE!!!

Hoping for a great appt for you!

Bummer about the job... but sometimes these things happen to create better opportunities!.. like maybe the call is coming soon and then you won't need to worry about work! :)

ps. I just noticed your 'clock' for time you've spent on the list.. are you trying to beat my time or something??? lol