Tuesday, June 29, 2010

80's Party

Saturday night our good friend Jimmy had his 30th birthday party...which was 80's themed! Now I love me some 80's (pop) music but Danny really LOVES the 80's. LOL

Whenever there is an opportunity to dress up 80's style my husband is the first one in line to ride that train! If you knew Danny you would know that he loves 80's hair bands with his favorite band of all time being Motley Crue. I myself have become somewhat of an expert on all things hair metal not because I want to but because what choice do I have when I have been dragged to every Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Guns N' Roses and countless other bands concerts that come to our area? I do have to say though that over time I do find myself enjoying them too! :)

Anyway...I digress. So my husband who also suffers from a bad case of pack rat syndrome, doesn't throw ANYTHING away. So when it came time to dress up for the party and my little sister needed something to wear Danny pulled out his box of t-shirts and found his 4th grade Poison t-shirt and VOILA Jessie had a costume and believe me he had a lot to choose from! Now that's what I call vintage!! LOL

We had a blast but it was SO hot that night that my bangs that I worked so hard to stand up (I barely could remember how I used to do them) were flat by the end of the night. :(

Me & Danny

My cousin John...he is hilarious!

Me and Danny again

Danny and Jessie (his jeans are tight-rolled at the bottom too!)

Sunday, was our nieces birthday party. It was fun but Danny hurt his back. They had the party at this indoor bounce house place that kids AND the adults could go in. They have this obstacle course where two people can race and needless to say Danny and his brother were racing and he thinks he pulled something in his back. I asked him what he was thinking....he isn't 20 anymore and probably shouldn't be running around bounce house obstacle courses! LOL Oh well, I think he learned his lesson. I just hope he feels better soon he keeps walking around like he is an old man and only one of us around here can walk around like an old person!! :)