Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Graduation/Birthday Party

This past weekend my parents threw Jordan a combined Graduation/18th birthday party. My dad roasted a whole pig in the backyard (a very redneck but YUMMY thing to do) along with sweet corn on the cob on the grill and a ton of other fabulous food. It was all really good...believe me I had like 2 plates of food and 3 ears of corn!! I was stuffed!! LOL

They had a great turn out with lots of family and friends coming to celebrate Jordan's milestone. The kid made out like a bandit bad my mom is making him save all his money for when he goes to school! I know I know its the responsible thing to do....try telling that to an 18 yr old who just got a load of cash and gift cards!! :)

Good Bye Bears, Hello Yellow Jackets...

blowing out his candles

Jordan and I

So excited to be getting a laptop

Me and my BFF since 6th grade! :)

and of course the old self portrait!

The rest of the week I haven't really done much. I was feeling kind of crappy yesterday and was hoping I wasn't getting a cold that has been going around. A few people I know haven't been feeling good. Even my dog Brodie was sick yesterday, he threw up twice and when he went #2 it was not his normal #2 (dont want to give tmi its kinda gross!) But he seems to be doing better so far today. If he still wasn't acting right today I was gonna call the vet.

Pool day tomorrow with my fab sister-in-law and some old girlfriends (love that I am finally getting some color!!) and then yoga on Friday!!

I also wanted to mention my Cyster Piper who after many dry runs and one "damp" run as she likes to call it FINALLY got her lungs and she is doing great just like I knew she would! She is a real champ and I can't wait till she is fully able to enjoy her lungs and let us all know how great it can be post-tx. Now if I could just get my stupid phone to ring we would be in business!! :)