Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jordan Graduates!!

Last week my little brother Jordan graduated from high school! Its hard to believe he is that old now...it seems like just yesterday I was 10 yrs old and welcoming into the world my 2nd little brother. Man I feel old...LOL

We are extremely proud of Jordan and we are all a little sad to see him go off to college in August. We are a VERY close family and he is the first one to go to school in a completely different state. But he wanted to play football in college and had to go where the scholarships were being offered....so off to Ohio he goes. Oh yeah and did I mention we have lived in FL our whole lives and Jordan has never seen snow? This winter should be interesting for him!! LOL

Our whole family minus my brother Josh (he was walking around)

Me, Jordan & Jessie

The Graduate!! :)

I have already cried when he made the final decision to go to school in Ohio so I am sure once August roles around there will be more tears. But I plan on investing in a web cam so we can skype! I know I am such a nerd...you would think it was my own kid going to college!