Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sorry its been a week since I posted last. I have been wanting to post about my hearing I just haven't got around to it until tonight!

So, I went to the ENT last Monday and I was put into a little box for my hearing test. IT was two parts, one part where they spoke words to me and I had to repeat them and the other where they do the little beeps and I have to push the button when I hear it.

Now I must say that between the ringing in my ears I already have and my pulse O2 tank I found it very difficult to hear the beeps. It seemed like every time I took a breath and it made the noise to pulse in my nose is when they were doing the beeps so that kind of irritated me.

When I went back in the exam room the doctor came in to read my results. He said that he was surprised that this was the first time I had complained of hearing problems cause according to my test I had severe hearing loss. He also said that the ringing was probably permanent, which is the most annoying part of this whole situation!

Hearing aids at this point are the only way my hearing will come back. But he says as long as I feel I am fine I don't need them. The only time I noticed I have a real problem hearing is when like Danny tries to talk to me from the other room or something. Other than that I am ok.

Maybe sometime down the road I will think about the hearing aid option but right now its not something I am fully ready for. I already feel like an 80 year old caring around oxygen I don't really want to throw hearing aids in the mix! LOL


Megan said...

I've got severe hearing loss (about 80% or more) cos of tobra IVs, and the tinnitus (ringing) really gets on my nerves!! I've got hearing aids cos I can't hear a thing without them, and they only boost my hearing, they don't fix the nerve damage that tobra did (so I struggle to understand words and can't seem to make the connection from sounds to the actual word) and yeah, it sucks. Bit time Xx

Piper said...

ugh, sorry about this jen. i have hearing loss from tobra but luckily it didn't progress very quickly and we were able to catch it early. i have trouble hearing if there's a lot of background noise and i also have difficulty understanding certain vowel sounds. it's very weird - esp considering i used to have FANTASTIC hearing. but i agree that the ringing is the worst part.

good luck with this new development. i hope you never need the hearing aids!