Saturday, September 11, 2010

weekend update!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wednesday I went to see my CF Dr and of course he didn't see anything in my ears that looked out of place. So he gave me the card of a ENT that I go to on Monday for a hearing test and office visit. Hopefully I will know more info then.

I got a call from Shands Thursday afternoon and when my phone rang I thought I was getting my call but no such luck! They were calling to tell me that the last appointment I went to I guess something funky showed up in my sputum culture so instead of my Nov. 17th appointment they want me to come back Sept 29th. I was in my car when they called so thats why I don't know exactly what they found (cause I couldn't write it down) but I wanna say its some kind of Aspergillus but don't quote me! If it was Aspergillus, I would think they would know how to treat that with out me coming back in that's why im not sure I heard that correctly. But I will let you know for sure once I get back from that check-up!

We rented a bobcat this weekend and Danny and his 2 brothers and his best friend Curt have been outside ALL day today digging up these nasty root systems that are in front of our house left over from some Australian Pines we cut down. The one stump in particular is being a real pain the butt and not wanting to come out! He will be back out there tomorrow working on it too.

The yard is all torn up right now but when its done it's going to be BEAUTIFUL!! I took some before pics this morning so I will post before and afters when the whole project is complete! :)

Went to the flea market this afternoon with my mom, aunt and sister and then we had lunch at a yummy Irish pub. I love some fish and chips and if its on the menu I usually order it. I love seafood but Danny doesn't so I rarely get it at home.

Tonight is my GNO dinner! Its been awhile so I can't wait to see some of my favorite ladies! I am sure I will have pictures to post later. Have a good one everybody!


Twotonevisuals said...

Your so massive brave. I hope that a.s.a.p you will get the right thing in your life that you need. I will pop back now and again for news, please stay amazing and continue to give people hope out there everywhere in the world. Spectacular woman.
Tim, x