Monday, July 21, 2008

Hi Everyone!!

I know I haven't written in a few days but when I am not sick it seems I don't have much to report...which is a good thing!! :)

Some friends of ours have the same birthday (Sunday) so Saturday night we all went out to celebrate. It is a dance club here in Cape Coral another friend of ours works there so we all got VIP. It also has a sushi bar there which is good because not only do I love sushi (and I eat it as much as I can now since post tx I can't have it at all!!) but because they serve sushi there you can't smoke inside....which is perfect for me!! I have to admit I did have a very good time, its the first time in a long time we stayed all the way until the club closed because I felt good enough to!

Yummy Cosmo's!!!

Me & Danny!!!

Today, I went into work for a little bit. It was nice to get out of my house for awhile and see everyone. I got my anniversary presents...5 years!! I got a little charm necklace with the company name on it and a all I need is an office to hang it up in!! I did feel pretty tired when I got home so I fell asleep for like 1/2 an hour.

Anyway....I am just catching up on my daytime tv I missed today while I was gone so I am gonna go....TTYL


Danielle in MO said...

its good to hear a report of GOOD news!! Glad your feeling well.... not too sure about the sushi, but love the cosmos!!

OceanDesert said...

YUM! Sushi! I miss it already! :) Thanks for all your comments and encouraging words these last couple weeks Jen!!! So glad to see you're doing well and staying healthy!