Monday, July 28, 2008

Just another Monday....

Hello All!! I hope everyone had a great weekend....mine was pretty good.

Friday night we all decided to stay in. We ordered Chinese food and rented a movie, Definitely Maybe. It has Ryan Reynolds in it and that little girl Abigail Breslin. It was a cute movie and even Danny liked it so it wasn't a TOTAL chick flick!

Saturday, Danny woke up feeling a little under the weather (for him this a big deal he hardly ever gets sick...maybe once a year) so we just took it easy and lounged around. Saturday night me, Danny, Curt, Karen and Tony all met my family out for dinner for my little sister's birthday. After that we went to Chilli's were a couple of our friends met us all there (everyone but my family) to have a few drinks. Once we were done there we all decided to go back to our house to play battle of the was so much fun but half way through the game 3 other couples that we are friends with came over so then it really got hilarious!!

Sunday....we got up and all went to the Humane Society. Curt and Karen are HUGE animal lovers and like to just go see the animals. I was hoping to maybe find a dog for me but all the dogs there were big and loud and I am looking for something small and compact so I can carry and that doesn't shed! :)

Today, I didn't do anything. My laptop for work isn't working so I really couldn't work. BUT I did watch more episodes of SEX and the City (I am just now watching all the seasons on DVD I have never watched it before) I am on season five and I can't turn it off!! I have to admit I was really upset when Carrie broke up with Aiden. I knew they would break up eventually because I know she marries BIG in the movie (even though I haven't seen that either) but it was still disappointing he was sweet and very good looking! Oh more season to go and then I can watch the movie!

Oh yeah...on a side note. All weekend I felt great, but today I was congested all day and just felt crappy and this evening when I was cooking dinner I felt like I could have had a low grade temp but then it went away. I just hope I am not catching what Danny had/still has a little. I haven't been letting him kiss me cause I didn't want to get sick but maybe that wasn't enough!! I will let you know how I feel tomorrow or the next day depending on if there is anything else to report.

Good Night!!